Hatchimals, FurReal Friends Dragon, And Other 2016 Top Christmas Toys You’re Going to Have to Fight For

Christmas of 2016 is right around the corner. Have you finished purchasing toys for your children? If not, you may find yourself in a position where you have to fight for the toys on your children’s 2016 Christmas list. From Hatchimals to Shopkins the top Christmas toys of 2016 are quickly selling out in stores across the United States.

If you’re just now starting to go through your kid’s wish list or just looking for your niece or nephew that one thing they want, here are the top toys children want for the Christmas of 2016.


Even if you don’t have children of your own, chances are good you’ve heard about Hatchimals. For most parents, it is really no surprise to see Hatchimals at the top of the list for top 2016 Christmas toys that are hard to come by. Furbies with their unique sounds and eyes that seemed to follow you every time you moved? Hatchimals are similar. With Hatchimals, your child must guide them into the world. They start interacting with the toy before they hatch from their egg. Your child must take care of the egg as if he or she is the parental figure to get the Hatchimal to hatch.


Once the Hatchimal is born, it will sing, dance, and play games with your children. Unfortunately, this exceptionally popular toy is hard to come by as most retailers are sold out. Per CNBC, Toys R Us restocked their shelves with Hatchimals today. The retailer sells them for $59.99, but they are not expected to stay in stock long considering the high demand for them.

FurReal Friends Dragon

The next toy on the top 2016 Christmas toys that you’ll have to fight for includes the FurReal Friends Dragon.

As you can see in the video above, Torch is an FurReal pet with large eyes that open and close. Torch responds to touch and has a number of different motions he does on command. Your child can feed their FurReal Friends Dragon a treat or press a charm to watch Torch release a flame. Parents can rest easy knowing the flame is just a red colored mist. Torch even comes with a marshmallow he can roast with his flame. As Christmas of 2016 gets closer, the FurReal Friends Dragon continues to get hard to find.

Pokémon My Friend Pikachu

Considering how popular Pokémon has become as of late, it is not uncommon for Pokémon related toys to make children’s 2016 Christmas lists. Pokémon My Friend Pikachu is the equivalent of a Pokémon-related Tickle Me Elmo. This interactive plush toy has ten different sounds and will move its ears when your child presses its belly.


Toys in the Shopkins product line have been a hot Christmas toy for a few years now. Shopkins are basically food, décor, and other things with faces. They’re bright, colorful, and appealing to your child. If your child has a specific one they want you need to start looking for it now, chances are, closer to Christmas you won’t be able to find them anywhere. Right now, you can find them at Toys R Us, Walmart, and Amazon. Certain Shopkins such as Pirouatta the ballerina are selling out pretty quickly.

Kurio Smartwatch for Kids

The Kurio Smartwatch is a fun way for them to play games and take pictures on a 1.54 inch touchscreen. It comes in several colors and even features connections to other Kurio watches with Bluetooth as well as other Android devices. According to I4U News, Toys R Us is the only store that still has this top 2016 Christmas toy in stock.


These top Christmas toys of 2016 are not sticking around on the shelves for long. The closer it gets to Christmas, the harder it is going to become to find the toys on this list. If you aren’t buying one of the toys on this list for Christmas this year, please let us know what you are getting your child for Christmas of 2016 in the comments section located down below.

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