‘Westworld’ Season Finale Still Leaves Viewers Groping To Understand The Greater Mystery

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Westworld.

Even from the very first episode, it has been clear that there has been much more going on in Westworld than that which meets the eye and, while viewers of the series benefit from seeing events from an omnipresent perspective, it has still been obvious there is a deeper mystery at work. Fans have been busy, since the debut of this new HBO hit, presenting theory after theory and, even by chance, at least one theory must be on the right track. Right? One Westworld actor, Jimmi Simpson, who plays our hero, William, says fans still haven’t got a clue.

Westworld Hero Jimmi Simpson Says Fans Haven’t Even Scratched The Surface

As Forbes reports and most fans know, tonight will be the season finale for Westworld and, as the show will no doubt end with a shocking cliffhanger, viewer theories abound as to what they might see tonight and how the first Westworld season will leave off. If the theories presented thus far by eager fans are any indication, Jimmi Simpson says the show’s viewers still don’t comprehend what is really going on.

“I don’t spend all that much time online but I feel like I’ve been forwarded quite a few things and I haven’t seen anyone nail this,” says Westworld’s Simpson. “There are a lot of people coming close to some elements, but as far as the actual machine that’s happening at the end, I think people will be refreshingly surprised and pleased.”

One of the more popular theories being presented is that Westworld is presenting two or more time periods simultaneously with Simpson playing a younger version of Ed Harris’ Man in Black character. As Jimmi has certainly come across this theory, his remarks seem to indicate that his William may not, in fact, be Harris’ younger self, or, if he is, there is some greater mystery at work, which may only partly deal with William’s true identity.

Jimmi Simpson Hints At A “Grand Execution” Ahead Of Tonight’s Season Finale

According to Ottawa Citizen, there is an abundance of source material for Westworld, stemming back to Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name. Even so, Simpson says he gets the impression that fans believe series showrunners and creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, are making up things as they go along. Nothing could be further from the truth, says the Westworld actor, adding that the show’s creators mapped out a greater scheme long before cameras ever started rolling.

“This is a story and a narrative that Jonah and Lisa have created already, and so all of these twists and turns are part of their grand execution to deliver their story the way they think it would be best delivered.”

While Jimmi says the greater mystery is still to unfold further in coming seasons, he says fans will feel a sense of satisfaction in the way some story arcs unfold and conclude in tonight’s season finale.

“I think they really kill it and they satisfy, I would say, at least most of all the things you’re wondering,” says the Westworld star. “And then they do this wonderful thing and they just flick on this light and now you’re seeing a future as well, but they’re not making you wait for the questions you’ve already been asking.”

Much like many other series, Jimmi Simpson says the Westworld producers play things very close to the vest and are careful not to let actors learn too much about the direction of the series. As a result, Simpson says he’s still very much in the dark, even in regards to his own character. He says he’s never been as misinformed about a character in his career, adding that he’s as shocked by the twists in his story arc as are the Westworld viewers.

While fans may not be grasping the real mystery that is Westworld, Simpsons hints that he knows they’re off base, because he has already figured it out. In fact, Jimmi reveals that his Westworld bosses subtly confirmed that he is on the right track.

“About halfway through, I had the suspicion as to where William was headed and I asked and their faces were shocked that I had figured anything out,” says the Westworld star. “And then they said, ‘Just stop talking about it.’ So they were really amazing at sweetly denying us information.”

The Westworld season finale airs tonight on HBO.

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