‘Trapped Child’: Lifetime Movie, Formerly Titled ‘Monolith,’ Airs Tonight On LMN, Inside A True Story Or Two

Lifetime Movie Network will be airing Trapped Child, a movie about a woman who gets locked out of her car in the desert while her child is inside. Also known as Monolith, Trapped Child is directed by Ivan Silvestrini, written by Elena Bucaccio, and based on a story by Roberto Recchioni. LMN’s Trapped stars Katrina Bowden, Brandon W. Jones, and Jay Hayden star, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Movie Synopsis: Trapped Child (Monolith) on LMN

This latest Lifetime Movie Network film, Trapped Child, involves Sandra, a mother who sets out to meet her producer husband in Los Angeles, California after she suddenly suspects that he might be cheating on her.

Sandra, a former pop idol, gave up her career to be a full-time mom to her 2-year-old son. But now she regrets it. Things aren’t going well with her husband since he is no longer attentive to her needs.

That’s why it’s so important for Sandra to investigate her hunch. With no plans, Sandra prepares to catch her husband red-handed by jumping into her car and heading off to find him. It’s a long trip, but Sandra is not worried. After all, she is traveling in her Monolith, the safest car in the world. Equipped with the latest and hottest technology, the Monolith offers the smoothest and most reliable ride to date.

But things take a wrong turn when she follows the direction of her GPS, which sends her to a shortcut through the desert. While driving, Sandra suddenly hits something, prompting her to stop the car and investigate. When she gets out, she doesn’t realize that she has left her smartphone with her little boy, who accidentally activates the lock through an open app.

Now, she is unable to open the car door to get her son out, and with the heat rising in the desert, Sandra is in full panic mode as she desperately tries to find a way to rescue him.

Will Sandra’s arrogance and trusting belief in technology be her undoing now that she is faced with the possible death of her child?


Lifetime Movie Network’s Trapped Child is an interesting and timely movie that mirrors humans’ confidence in technology. And although technology ends up being a savior in many situations, there are times when it fails, leaving the human being vulnerable and possibly in danger.

  • Breitbart relates the story of a tech-savvy Kansas man who became so concerned about the number of children who die inside of hot cars each year that he created an app to remind parents that their kids are in the car. That’s a technological development that could save thousands of lives.
  • But sometimes, it’s not just the kids who get trapped inside of vehicles. It happens to adults, too.

Trapped In Car: True-Story Horrors

A story that comes to mind is the 2014 case of a Queensland woman who became trapped inside of her Audi after the keyless-entry car malfunctioned. According to Interference Technology, Amanda Stevens described the following.

“I got in, shut the door, went to press the start button and a message came up saying ‘key not identified.’ All the doors locked themselves. I thought, ‘That’s not good’ … I tried to wind the windows down and open the doors. When that didn’t work I started to panic. I was trapped.”

Stevens was later rescued by a passerby. In another case, journalist Toby Hagon became hemmed up in a car that he was test driving in 2010 with his wife and baby after the deadlocking system defected. Hagon stated how the incident occurred, according to ABC.

“I just went out shopping one day with my family. Parked, went out to a shop, came back, got in the car and it wouldn’t start. So I was trying to lock the car and unlock the car. All of a sudden it locked but it wouldn’t unlock, so I was stuck in the car. Ended up being stuck in there for about 45 minutes. The car had a service line associated with it so we called that. Once the guy found out we were stuck in a car with a kid he called the police. He beat the police, when he got there he tried for a minute or two to open it.”

The movie Trapped Child on LMN airs tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central. It is produced by Sky Italia, Lock & Valentine, and Sergio Bonelli Editore with Davide Luchetti executive producing. Filming took place in Utah.

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