Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Anticipated For An August 2017 Release Date, Rumored Specs and Features

Eager to replace your exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Good news, the Galaxy Note 8 is on its way to the market next year.

We have all seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 crash and burn and it was one of the biggest fails in the smartphone industry to date. But despite the controversy that Samsung was plunged in because of the failure of the Note 7, a lot of Samsung patrons are still very much hopeful for a new Galaxy Note phablet—and it can’t come soon enough.

Well we more or less are sure by now that a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is on its way, as model numbers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 have recently been leaked. Apart from the news that the Note 8 is coming next year, A lot of rumors and leaks about the specs and what features to expect from the Note 8 are already out and about.

Value Walk reports that it has been rumored that the Galaxy Note 8 will be housing an update to the current top-end Snapdragon 821 chip, called the Snapdragon 830. The 830 will deliver even more power at a more efficient rate so if this turns out to be true, the Note 8 will be another phablet beast to beat.

Rumors have also been abundant that a more interesting AI assistant could come to the Note 8. If Apple has Siri and Microsoft has Cortana, it seems Samsung could be getting an all new AI assist called Bixby, which comes from the original developers of Siri. It’s been rumored that unlike the generic instructions that Siri and Cortana are able to handle, Bixby will be able to understand conversational language better, enabling your smartphone to book a table at a restaurant or order a pizza for you. It’s also expected to work with third-party applications unlike current AI Assistants.

A previous Inquisitrreport also raised expectations that the Galaxy Note 8 could sport JBL-tuned speakers. This speculation comes following a recent move by Samsung to acquire audio firm Harman in a massive $8-billion deal. Harman is known to be behind premium audio brands like JBL.

With the crazy that the Galaxy Note 7 has brought, Samsung needs all the edge it can get its hands on to be able to come back with the Note 8. So if they’re upping the ante, following through with these rumored features will be a great place to start.

Now all of these rumors and speculations are all hearsay until we get official word from Samsung. So it all boils down to an announcement date and a release date for the Galaxy Note 8 so we can all just move on from the disastrous Note 7.

PC Advisor reports that we can hope for an announcement for the Galaxy Note 8 as early as February 2017. Well the other Samsung flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8, is expected to release around this time. So it will be a pretty bold move for Samsung to release the two phones at the same time, instead of a Q1-Q2 release date to maximize its potential in the market. The Mobile World Congress (MWS), however, is happening on February in Spain so it’s also worth checking out if Samsung will reveal more of the Note 8 or actually release it by then.

With the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 almost toe-to-toe in terms of specs, features, and even looks, it’s almost absurd to release the two phones at the same time, especially since we’re talking a normal and Edge version to the two smartphones. This is why many believe that the Note 8 will continue to follow its annual schedule and will release by August 2017.

We can remember that both the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy Note 7 (the Galaxy Note 6 was skipped, FYI) both released in August—the Note 5 in 2015 and the Note 7 in 2016. Following this pattern, a Note 8 release in August 2017 will only make so much sense.

But if Samsung prefers to release the Note 8 earlier to offset the losses and damages of the Note 7, we can’t really complain. For the casualties of the Note 7 debacle, the earlier, the better.

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