WWE News: Brock Lesnar Returns For Match Against Rusev In Mexico City

During last night’s live event, “The Beast” Brock Lesnar returned to action for a match in Mexico City. Lesnar was last seen at November’s Survivor Series, taking a quick loss in the main event to Goldberg. Following that defeat of one of the most dominant superstars in the WWE, it left fans wondering what might be next for Brock, and if he could possibly recover from the shocking loss. His manager Paul Heyman would appear on Raw to talk about Lesnar’s plan for action, but Brock was nowhere to be seen. He reemerged for a live show last night, with a surprising opponent.

According to WrestleZone, Lesnar’s return to the ring was pretty dominant. With Paul Heyman watching from ringside, Brock took care of business against Rusev in under five minutes. The match concluded with Brock’s trademark F5 finisher and a pinfall as Rusev’s wife Lana screamed for her husband to kick out. That was to no avail, as Lesnar appears to be back on track as he heads towards his next match in January at the Royal Rumble.


Brock has not been seen on any WWE programming since his Survivor Series loss to Goldberg. A teary-eyed Paul Heyman was on Raw to discuss the humiliating loss. Heyman made it known that Lesnar would be the second superstar to officially enter the upcoming Royal Rumble since his rival Goldberg is in the match. Heyman also vowed that Lesnar was going to make the other 29 superstars his victims, including Goldberg.

As of this report, Lesnar is a 12 to 1 favorite via Paddy Power to win the Rumble match, which is tied with other superstars such as Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Bray Wyatt. That would seem to make Brock more of a longshot than his current rival, Bill Goldberg. The legendary star who beat Brock twice now is the 6 to 4 overall favorite to win, while Finn Balor (7 to 2), John Cena (5 to 1), and Chris Jericho (5 to 1) all are right behind him.

The Beast was conquered quickly by Goldberg at ‘Survivor Series’ 2016. [Image by WWE]

Fans questioned the booking decision of having Lesnar lose so quickly to Goldberg, let alone for a second time in his career. Based on the dominant and destructive path that Brock has been on, it left fans wondering why a returning Goldberg would squash “The Beast” in such dramatic fashion. However, it appears the rumors are suggesting a third meeting between the two stars at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida. That would also seem to hint that neither one will be the Royal Rumble winner and maybe both guys will eliminate each other somehow.

Another interesting aspect of Brock’s booking is his recent live event match in Mexico City. While the live “house show” events aren’t always given the same attention as the televised shows or pay-per-views, having Brock work in a match against another heel on the Raw roster seems different. Is it possible that one of the two superstars will be going the way of a babyface in the coming weeks?

Brock Lesnar has dominated top opponents including Randy Orton at ‘SummerSlam.’ [Image by WWE]

If so, it would seem Rusev is the more likely candidate, although his recent actions against Enzo seem to suggest otherwise. As for Brock, it’s also possible based on Heyman’s emotional sit-down interview with Michael Cole that WWE wants fans to be somewhat sympathetic over a Brock who came up on the losing end to Goldberg.

It’s most likely that WWE just wanted to give the fans at the event a good live show, by having Brock return to dominate a typically dominant opponent in the ring. Rusev is one of the easy candidates for that, as having Brock defeat Braun Strowman might ruin whatever his current booking is.

Either way, “The Beast” is back and appears ready to start dominating again. His work against Rusev in the ring Saturday night speaks for itself. It seems 29 other superstars should officially take notice as January 29 is approaching quickly.

[Featured Image by WWE]

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