Anna Faith Carlson Nude: Instagram Model Famous For Resemblance To Princess Elsa From ‘Frozen’ Claims Viral Naked Pictures Are A Fraud

Anna Faith Carlson is in a bit of a nude photo scandal, but the Instagram model famous for her resemblance to Princess Elsa from Frozen claims viral pictures making the rounds on the internet are not her at all.

This week, a website called Celeb Jihad posted what it claimed were “before-and-after” nude selfies of Anna Carlson showing off new breast implants, TMZ reported. Though the pictures caused quite a stir, Carlson’s representatives told the celebrity news site that they were actually a different person.

The proof was in the waistline, Carlson’s camp told TMZ.

“Anna’s team claims that’s not her in the pics, insisting the nude chick is ‘much heavier than Anna has ever been in her life.’ They added, Anna is in ‘great shape with a very small waist’… unlike the alleged impostor.

“They say there are also differences in the nose, teeth and face that prove Anna’s NOT the nudie pic chick.”

The Florida model gained fame back in 2014 after posting a picture on Instagram next to a poster from the movie Frozen, showing off her striking resemblance to Princess Elsa.

Carlson, who was 18 at the time, told ABC News that she had no idea it would go viral and turn her into one of the most popular “cosplayers” on the internet.

“I went to go to the movie with my sister and that’s when it all started happening. I watched the movie, I said, ‘I really like this,'” Carlson said. “Then, we went to the mall and there was a cardboard cutout in front of GameStop and my mom, sister and best friend were all like, ‘You should take a pic’ in front of the cutout.”

“That’s when it all started,” Carlson added.

Anna Faith Carlson capitalized quickly off her resemblance to Princess Elsa. She started to dress up like the Frozen character and make appearances at local schools. Carlson said children would often cry with excitement when they saw her — and sometimes they even cried out of fear.

“They are always so happy,” she told ABC News. “I remember going to the mall and this little girl started crying and I was like, ‘Don’t be scared.’ Then her mom said, ‘She thinks you are going to freeze her with your ice powers.’ I was like, ‘Oh, no!'”

Anna’s sister joined her — dressing up like Princess Anna during their appearances — and Carlson did interviews with a number of national news outlets about her resemblance to the Disney princess.

Anna Faith Carlson also used the viral picture to build her online presence. Her Instagram page now has more than 765,000 followers, and she has branched out into other cosplay as well, including recent appearances as DC Comics villain Harley Quinn.

Anna Faith Carlson isn’t the only social media model to be hit by a racy photo scandal. Fellow Instagram star YesJulz was rocked by a nude photo scandal of her own this year after what the Miami New Times said was an extortion attempt.

“Now that she’s reached the top, it seems her competitors are already trying to tear her down: Miami Beach Police say they arrested two Broward County residents after they allegedly stole and/or hacked YesJulz’s all-powerful cell phone, found nude photos and videos on it, and then tried to extort $18,000 from her, lest they release those photos to the public.”

Anna Faith Carlson is also not taking her nude photo scandal sitting down. The Instagram model has threatened to sue the website if the naked picture she claims is a fake isn’t taken down. It’s not yet clear if the site has responded to the demand.

[Featured Image by Anna Faith Carlson/Instagram]

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