Amy Schumer Starring As Barbie? The Potty-Mouthed Comedienne Is Set To Play Beloved Doll In Live-Action Flick [Video]

Sony is set to make the first-ever live-action Barbie film, and potty-mouthed comedienne Amy Schumer has reportedly been cast in the title role. The flick is set to be released in Summer of 2018, and according to reports, the Barbie doll being portrayed by Amy Schumer is supposed to be anything but cold, hard plastic.

As The Daily Mail reports, Amy Schumer the Barbie version isn’t scripted to be your run-of-the-mill 11-inch poseable plaything. Rather, the new live-action version of the film is slated to have a much deeper, more profound storyline (think: Enchanted, Big, and Splash) in which Barbie finds herself cast in the wrong mold.

The film, based on the iconic Mattel doll (which has sold over a billion individual Barbies since the toy hit the scene in 1959), is set (somewhat predictably) in “Barbieland.” In Barbieland, free will isn’t much of a thing. There are a lot of different dolls, to be sure. Over 180, in fact, but they aren’t true individuals. Reportedly, the plot of the Barbie movie centers around the fact that everything about the dolls (name, personality, etc.) is defined by their the clothes they wear.

Enter Amy Schumer, an actress more famous for her bathroom humor and dirty jokes than anything kid-friendly. Recently, Schumer starred in the raunchy romantic comedy Trainwreck.

According to reports, Amy Schumer’s character in the up-and-coming movie is a Barbie who doesn’t really fit in. She’s eccentric, not perfect enough, and ultimately an outcast.

Somehow, Amy Schumer ends up away from Barbieland and as part of the “real world.” Her Barbie character embarks on a life-changing adventure, one that allows her to understand that true beauty isn’t defined by what someone looks like, or the clothes they wear.

After this life-changing revelation, Amy Schumer’s Barbie character returns to where she started, with new wisdom in hand.

Deadline reports that the film had to make some serious changes before Amy Schumer agreed to be Barbie. It was supposedly the movie’s humorous take on “female empowerment” that brought Schumer to the table.

Some are wondering if Schumer has the physical requisites to play a convincing Barbie doll. After all, Amy’s on the short side, and she’s had to call out magazines in the past for labeling her “plus size.” Barbie, on the other hand, has impossibly tall, thin proportions (scaled to human size, the original Barbie would be around six-feet-tall, with a 36-inch chest, 18-inch waist, and 33-inch hips).

In 2013,the web source Rehabs laid out the ugly truth about the beautiful Barbie doll. According to the site, which helps sufferers of eating disorders recover, Barbie would never be a fully functional human, according to her original design. The site determined that Barbie wouldn’t be able to walk upright or even hold up her head. Plus, she’d have to sacrifice a bunch of her internal organs to get that waist.

Then again, it sounds like the impossible standard of Barbie beauty (often criticized) is precisely what the new Amy Schumer movie is aiming to tackle. Needless to say, social media has exploded with opinions about the new project, and very little of it has been positive.

In recent years, Barbie has been re-imagined, with a “more realistic” body type. Additionally, Mattel has reportedly signed off on the storyline for the upcoming Amy Schumer film, despite the fact that it sounds like it’s fairly critical of their $3 billion-in-worldwide-sales signature doll.

The new Amy Schumer Barbie movie is being produced by Sony Pictures and overseen by Lauren Abrahams, reports Variety; the negotiations for the flick began back in 2014. In her over 50-year history, Barbie has found herself on screen dozens and dozens of time; more than 150 in all. However, 2018’s Amy Schumer Barbie movie will be the first time that Barbie has been portrayed in the flesh, rather than as an animated character.

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