Scheana Shay Divorce To Play Out On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Scheana Shay has been front and center with drama on Vanderpump Rules, and now, she is dealing with her own personal drama as an extension of the show. Shay has been married for a little over two years but has known her husband, Mike Shay, for over a decade. Their relationship played out on the Bravo show and when it came time to get married, there was plenty of chatter about how the two wouldn’t be able to make it. Shay has been dealing with a lot in her marriage, alluding to trouble on and off via social media for several months. All of that is about to be left behind her as she recently filed for divorce.

Vanderpump Rules is currently airing and Scheana and Mike Shay are still together on the show. Back in early November, it was reported that Mike went missing for several days. Allegations came out that he emptied Scheana’s bank account and was back using drugs after being sober for over a year. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the downfall of Scheana Shay and Mike Shay will play out on Vanderpump Rules. Kristen Doute spilled the tea that several things that happen this season lead up to the decision to file for divorce. It was also confirmed that the show picked up filming for the next season, so they would be privy to what happens with the Scheana Shay and the impending divorce.

Fans aren’t shocked to hear that Scheana Shay filed for divorce. It reportedly had been a long-time coming. Their relationship had been rocky before they decided to get married and after being husband and wife for only a year, Shay staged an intervention for her husband. He admitted to being addicted to prescription painkillers for almost a decade. After a year of sobriety under his belt, rumors are that he is back to using. While the joint statement they released about their marriage ending seemed amicable, chatter under the table suggests that Scheana is mortified and embarrassed by what Mike publicly did to her.

Things between Scheana Shay and her husband, Mike, weren’t always stable. Vanderpump Rules showcased their relationship through dating and marriage, and there were plenty of bad times. From angry fights, to scandals, it wasn’t the type of bond that was expected to withstand the test of time. The first several years of marriage are the hardest and it looks like the Shays weren’t equipped to handle what life gave them. The petition for divorce was officially filed last week by Scheana. Their joint statement was just released, and it appears they want to remain amicable. At this point, fans are taking it at face value, but there is anticipation that things will get shady when the divorce starts to be heard in front of a judge.

Bravo is all about the drama, and this time, Scheana Shay handed Vanderpump Rules golden ratings. The filming was pulled out on a whim and some juicy details while be shown on camera. Shay is worried about money and the network likely offered her an incentive to allow something like this to be filmed. Despite the fact that Mike Shay went missing early last month, he is assuring people that he is fine. A message went out after he reappeared, and he claimed to still love Scheana greatly. It appears that wasn’t enough to save their marriage, or to gain her forgiveness. While he was allegedly trying to keep his marriage together, his wife was already over it.

Scheana Shay and her divorce will be chronicled on the next season of Vanderpump Rules, but the current season is a good place to start looking for clues as to what really went wrong.

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