Ryan Reynolds Reveals Secret Plot Behind Having Two Daughters With Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds recently shared his usual sharp wit, as he talked openly about becoming a father for the second time with wife Blake Lively, who just gave birth to their second daughter. While Lively and Reynolds both do what they can to ensure a private childhood for their oldest daughter, James Reynolds, and their newborn, Ryan does give a few insights into his role as father and family funny guy. The Deadpool actor revealed the struggle he went through with Blake in trying to agree on a name and Reynolds confessed that having two girls has been a part of a plot that would shame even Hollywood’s most devious villains.

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Battle Over The Right Name

Ryan may represent a powerful presence in Hollywood, but, back at home, E! News reveals that the Reynolds girls hold all of the cards. The Deadpool star says he sets boundaries for James, just as he plans to do with his new daughter, but admits that those boundaries don’t work, when he caves to James’ wishes. Reynolds says he just can’t say no to his girls.

That weakness doesn’t just apply to Ryan’s daughters. The actor revealed that even his wife knows just how to pull his strings to get her way. One example involves the naming of their second daughter, as Ryan reveals Blake resisted his suggestions for their new daughter’s moniker.

“When I ran it up the flagpole with my wife, it was resoundly rejected,” Reynolds said of his choice of Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds for their second daughter’s name. “I had the same name except all the letters in the name being silent — which, again, was confusing for everyone, especially me.”

Mr. Reynolds adds that he and Ms. Lively continued to work it out, until they found just the right name, something that appealed to both Blake and Ryan. As was the case with James, the actors wouldn’t be compelled to reveal their new daughter’s name just yet.

Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Admits His Scheme To Populate The World With Females

Having two daughters means twice the work, as Reynolds recently told ABC News, and that means double the diapers and double the tantrums, but the Deadpool actor says it’s also twice as rewarding. He says he loves watching his daughters grow and he finds it especially exciting to watch James do her part in taking care of her sister. Reynolds says it has been “profound to see” James take care of the newborn baby.

Having two daughters in a row wasn’t something Ryan expected, and while he loves James and her new sister, the actor can’t help seeing the humor in the situation.

“I’m doing my part to just wipe men off the face of the planet,” Reynolds joked in an interview with eTalk‘s Ben Mulroney.

On a more serious note, Ryan returned to gushing over his daughters, sharing his love of fatherhood and parenting in general.

“It’s the best. It’s the best! It’s the best thing that could ever happen to you.”

Ryan Reynolds was conducting speaking engagements while visiting Toronto in support of the SickKids Foundation. Visiting young cancer patients, Reynolds says he was surprised to find that many of them were fans of Deadpool. Aside from feeling humbled by such a widespread fanbase, Reynolds was pleased to see that many of the children suffering from cancer found courage from Deadpool.

“I just didn’t think that kids read it as much — but they do,” Reynolds said of the Deadpool comic books. “They see something really wonderful in this character, which is that he sort of flips the bird to cancer, and I think that’s important.”

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