Jennifer Boyle Deletes Facebook, Twitter: $90,000-Per-Year Trump Fan In Michaels, Peet’s Coffee Rants ID’d [Video]

When Jennifer Boyle was first caught on camera, as reported by Yahoo!, her rant in a Chicago Michaels craft store was recorded and the video had only received approximately 61,000 views on YouTube by November 27.

As seen in the below YouTube video that documents Jennifer’s rant, by Saturday, December 3, the YouTube video has amassed 3.8 million views.

The video was recorded by Jessie Grady, a woman who was shopping in the same Chicago-area Michaels craft store the night before Thanksgiving,when Boyle went on her rant against African-American employees. Boyle claimed the store’s workers yelled at her and tried to pressure Jennifer into buying a $1 reusable bag.

Warning: The below video contains language that might be upsetting to some viewers.

Another video featuring Boyle ranting at a Peet’s Coffee & Tea employee, as seen in the NSFW video via the Inquisitr. The video shows Jennifer bragging about making $90,000 per year — apparently comparing her high salary to the assumed lower salary of a Peet’s Coffee & Tea barista.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Grady felt compelled to start a GoFundMe page for the manager only revealed as “Holli,” who was the brunt of Jennifer’s rage. The Michaels manager is also an entrepreneur who is desiring to get her master’s degree in psychology. Thus far, the GoFundMe page for Holli has swelled to contain more than $32,000 in donations. On the GoFundMe campaign, plenty of comments and donations are flowing in for the woman who appeared to remain calm and didn’t seem to yell back at Boyle — even as the woman can be heard bragging about voting for Trump and calling the Michaels employee a “lying piece of s***” and an animal.

Ironically, Boyle once enjoyed a career as a Human Resources professional in Illinois, reports Heavy. Jennifer’s rants in both Michaels and Peet’s Coffee & Tea that were caught on video have caused her to go viral in a bad way — and prompted Boyle to delete her Facebook and Twitter accounts, according to the publication.

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Whereas Boyle claimed it was the workers in the Michaels store that were discriminating against her, many of those who’ve watched the viral YouTube video and have chosen to donate to the GoFundMe campaign and leave comments, disagree with Jennifer and her behavior.

Boyle could be seen getting angry — not only at the Michaels employees, but also at Michaels shoppers who recorded her rant, like Jessie. Jennifer stated that she was angry with Jessie for taping her — and went on to mock the woman and tape her child. Jennifer claimed Jessie’s husband was cheating on her, with no evidence, and accused Jessie’s toddler of stealing a Christmas ornament.

“I don’t know what you think you’re videoing, lady. I don’t know what you think you’re videoing. I was just discriminated against by two black women, yes, I was, and you, being a white woman, you literally thinking that that’s okay.”

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According to Heavy, Jennifer’s LinkedIn page at one point listed her employer as Sinai Health System from May, 2015, through November, 2016.

On Facebook, the Sinai Health System page distanced themselves from Jennifer, writing the below statement about the viral video that resulted in the wake of Boyle’s rant.

“Last Wednesday, a customer started yelling at employees and making racial comments in a retail store in the Chicagoland area, and a video of that altercation went viral. We have learned that this customer was a former employee of Sinai, whose employment with us ceased in September. Sinai Health System embraces diversity, inclusion and respect for all people. We condemn and reject any behavior or statements that insult or demean anyone based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality.”

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