Selena Gomez: No Plans For Niall Horan Reconciliation After Singer’s Suggestive Interview [Rumor]

Selena Gomez doesn’t have any plans to reconcile with ex-boyfriend Niall Horan, and it’s all because of her ongoing recovery process regarding her lupus condition, it has been reported.

Gomez, who successfully completed her rehab program out in Tennessee last month, is said to be taking things easy now that she has returned to Los Angeles. Her biggest worry is eventually finding herself in a dark place again, one that’s similar to the one she saw herself in back in August, resulting in the cancellation of her “Revival Tour.”

Selena is slowly but surely making progress with her recovery, but there’s no way that Gomez is even going to consider the idea of getting back on the scene and finding herself a new boyfriend right now.

Gomez’s supposed revelation about her personal life comes just days after One Direction’s Niall Horan gushed about how beautiful he found the 24-year-old to be. The twosome briefly dated for a couple of months back in 2013, and though they ended up going their separate ways, Selena is said to have remained friends with Horan.

In the midst of an interview with Ryan Seacrest on November 30, the former American Idol host questioned Niall about his love life, directly asking him whether he was currently seeing anybody.

“I don’t have a girlfriend no,” Niall answered, which led to Ryan asking Horan why he wouldn’t try and get back together with Gomez.

“Sort it out,” Horan responded, Teen Vogue quotes, insinuating that he’s more than interested in making it happen. Hollywood Life makes it known that Selena Gomez has heard the interview, and while she found the comments very sweet, there’s no chance that she’s going to rekindle any romances in the near future.

“Selena is flattered by what Niall had to say to Ryan, but part of her recovery involves no serious relationships,” an insider explained. “In fact, for the time being, she’s been advised not to date. Plus, dating is pretty much the last thing on her mind now. She is focused on herself and spending time with close friends.”

It was just months ago when Selena found herself feuding with her other ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, whose anger toward his fans left the singer feeling unsettled. As previously revealed, Bieber shared a message on his Twitter account, stressing that if fans won’t accept his relationship with then-girlfriend Sofia Richie, he would no longer participate in sharing photos on social media.

Selena Gomez reacted to the comment made by her former flame, stressing that if Justin was so bothered by fans reacting negatively about his relationship with Sofia, he should refrain himself from posting endless photos of the twosome on his Instagram page.

This would go on to spark a nasty online war between Gomez and Bieber, who would go on to insinuate that both of them cheated on each other during their time together. Justin, however, would take it one step further, alleging that Selena only used him for publicity and fame to boost her own career.

Two weeks after their public feud, Selena Gomez canceled her tour and checked herself into rehab, clearly bothered and unsettled by the outcome of something that went from innocent to an overblown social media feud.

It’s unclear how long Selena Gomez will need to fully complete her recovery process, but it’s already being alleged that the 24-year-old has plans to release her follow-up record to Revival before the summer.

Do you think Selena Gomez is taking the right steps in order to avoid facing another meltdown?

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