Kanye West Hospitalization: Kim Kardashian Preventing Rapper’s Comeback After Shock Meltdown? [Rumor]

Kanye West has only been out of the hospital for a couple of days, yet fans have already taken to social media, wondering whether the rapper could potentially continue his “Saint Pablo Tour” instead of canceling it entirely.

The rapper faced quite the meltdown two weeks ago when West’s personal doctor called for the support of police officers and an ambulance, under the clear impression that Kanye was a threat to the people around him.

His meltdown wasn’t much of a surprise to some of his friends, who had already witnessed his rants and tantrums aside from those he gave in public, such as his “Saint Pablo Tour,” where Kanye West famously slammed the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, and Donald Trump.

And though he’s now said to have left the UCLA Medical Center, if fans thought they would expect to see Kanye West back on the road anytime soon, they are mistaking because Kim Kardashian is reportedly preventing her husband from doing anything other than relax and recover.

According to Hollywood Life, everybody in the Kardashian household is on the same page as Kim. They want Kanye West to focus on nothing more than his health, keeping in mind that he has two children to raise — his love for music shouldn’t come before his wife and his kids.

While West was said to have been livid by the fact that he had to pull out of his “Saint Pablo Tour,” Kim has been by her husband’s side, assuring him that there are plenty more tours to come in the rapper’s lifetime. While fans may be disappointed for not getting to see their idol, it shouldn’t be a reason why Kanye is forcing himself to overwork himself again, Kim stresses.

“No one in the Kardashian household is even talking about Kanye [West] touring,” a source gushed. “They want him to get better and are only focusing on that and not if he will tour anytime soon or ever again.”

“The consensus is that once he gets better, everything else will fall into place. And when he does perform live again, it will most likely be done on a show like The Grammys or the VMAs or BET Awards. Once again, that won’t happen until he can handle a comeback.”

Endless divorce rumors concerning Kanye West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian have been made in recent weeks — especially after the rapper’s hospitalization. Sources allege that Kim has been struggling to help Kanye with his health crisis, as she’s still trying to come to terms with the Paris robbery incident that almost saw the reality star lose her life.

It’s been incredibly hard for Kim and Kanye West in the last two months. The stress, the alleged feuds, and the scandals, and the fact that they still have to raise two children together has really weighed on them.

Nonetheless, Kim is said to be as supportive of the situation as she can. “Kim still seems concerned but is supportive. They don’t know for how long Kanye will need outpatient care,” a source tells People. “There are frustrations and problems, like any relationship, but they love each other deeply.”

What do you make of Kanye West taking a break from the music industry? Is Kim right by saying that the rapper needs to put his family before his career in this given situation?

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