Shawn Michaels Likely Appearing At The ‘Royal Rumble’ — Will ‘HBK’ Wrestle On The Show?

Last month, AJ Styles, who is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, tweeted out a photo (which can be seen below]) which showed him face to face with Shawn Michaels, with the Royal Rumble logo on it. The photo suggested that WWE was planning an AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels match for the 2017 Royal Rumble, which will take place in Michaels’ hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

A Michaels vs. Styles match is one of the biggest dream matches that WWE could do, but, the question is, will Shawn Michaels, who has been content with life after wrestling ever since he retired from the ring in 2010, be willing to return to the ring at the Alamodome? The answer to that question, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is probably not.

While appearing on the Live Audio Wrestling Podcast, Meltzer discussed the possibility of Michaels returning to the ring on January 29, and he said that, according to people who are close to the WWE legend, Michaels probably won’t ever wrestle again.

“He’s been real adamant to everyone that he doesn’t want to wrestle again. As far as being on the [Royal Rumble] show in some form, I think that there’s a good chance of that. If it’s me, and it’s San Antonio, and, he grew up there, I would try to figure out a way for him to be on the show. Obviously wrestlers always change their mind, but even a couple of months ago, I know people who talked to him, and he does not want to ever wrestle again.”

Michaels retired following a fabulous match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26, and since then, he’s said that he hasn’t even thought about coming back. One of the biggest reasons why is because Ric Flair — who agreed to not have another match after he wrestled Michaels in the spring of 2008 — decided to wrestle again, and that really hurt “The Showstopper.” So, unlike Flair, he wants to keep his word, and stay retired.

It was recently reported that Michaels has come back to the WWE family as a coach at the company’s performance center in Florida. Some think that, because he’s back in the environment, he’ll get the itch to wrestle again. But, so far, we haven’t heard anything about him returning to the ring, other than the usual rumors that, most of the time, don’t turn out to be true.

Shortly after WWE announced that the Royal Rumble will take place at the Alamodome — which seats up to 75,000 people — in San Antonio, Texas, Cageside Seats reported that the company was planning on reaching out to some Texas wrestling legends like Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and, of course, Shawn Michaels, to be a part of the show.

Right now, it looks like The Undertaker will wrestle on the show, although his opponent — which most believe will be AJ Styles — hasn’t been confirmed yet.

As for Austin, he’s made it pretty clear that he’ll never wrestle again. So, he could have some sort of small backstage role, or possibly a guest referee role.

According to Meltzer, WWE may be looking at making Michaels a “special guest enforcer” for one of the show’s matches, although he didn’t specify which one it would be.

So, for now at least, it doesn’t look like Shawn Michaels will return to the ring at the Royal Rumble. But he is expected to be a part of the show in some form. So, while he won’t be in the ring as a competitor, you should expect to see the “Heartbreak Kid” when WWE heads to the Alamodome on January 29.

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