Blake Shelton Reveals Details About His ‘Hot Girlfriend,’ Gwen Shares That She Is Seeing In Color Like Never Before

It’s no secret that country star Blake Shelton and pop star Gwen Stefani love gushing about their love for one another. Shelton visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday when he professed his love once more for the No Doubt beauty. He shared that he is all about discussing his relationship with Stefani. People relays the singer’s words about Gwen.

“‘I love talking about Gwen,’ the 40-year-old crooner told DeGeneres when asked if he minded chatting about her. ‘Are you kidding me?'”

The country singer even stated that he thought Gwen and his relationship was an unlikely one at first due to the success of Stefani’s rock star career.

“It’s been just an eye opener to be with someone like her,” Shelton said. “Believe it or not, I mean, you think Gwen Stefani and No Doubt and she is literally maybe the most normal person that I’ve ever met in my life.”

The 40-year-old continued raving about his favorite female, according to Fox News. “It’s been good for me to be with somebody that’s so grounded and just a good human being with a great heart.”

Shelton also went on to talk about how appealing Stefani is, to which Ellen jokingly acted oblivious.

“She’s hot,” he said, asking DeGeneres, “Have you seen her? I mean look at that.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice,” DeGeneres joked. “I just realized! Now that I look at her, she is attractive! I didn’t know.”

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani met as coaches on The Voice and have been dating for just over a year. When they became a couple, they were both going through high-profile divorces. Stefani divorced Gavin Rossdale after 13 years of marriage and Shelton divorced Miranda Lambert, also a country star.

Gwen is always sure to gush over Blake Shelton every chance she gets. Most recently Stefani said, “I am so blessed,” when chatting with People about their relationship and her current situation. The songstress and former frontwoman also shared that she is pleased that their fans have embraced the relationship.

“We feel it. I was saying yesterday to somebody, I really feel the love, you know what I mean? It’s hard to put into words, but it’s a really cool thing to have that.”

The beauty also went on to state that Shelton is her best friend and that she is extremely lucky to have him in her life, as Fox News notes.

“‘It’s incredible to have a best friend like that guy,’ Stefani marveled to ET, referring to how her romance with the country singer has helped her heal after a difficult year. ‘He’s an amazing person.'”

Gwen Stefani has not only been open about her love for Blake Shelton and about how he “kissed her back to life,” but has also shared about the heartache that she experienced during her divorce. Gwen, however, admits that she used that sadness and heartbreak to create music.

“I was so blessed to have music as an outlet and to be able to share my story and to get all that love. It was basically like giving and receiving of love all year long through music,” Stefani explained. “It was just an incredible year for me and I’m so grateful.”

The star has clearly come through the trying time in her life and is now soaring in career and relationship. Stefani admits that she is now seeing with a vibrancy she has never seen before.

“This year was like someone said, ‘Hey, wake up!’ and I was like, ‘Whoa! Oh my god!’ I thought I was seeing in color, but now I’m really seeing in color,” she said. “I didn’t know I was in a cocoon ready to bust out.”

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