‘One Tree Hill’ Revival Coming? Sophia Bush Weighs In

One Tree Hill fans are desperately waiting for the day when a TV reunion, revival, or spin-off may be announced, and with the recent debuts of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, Fuller House, and Girl Meets World, fans have high hopes that their favorite Ravens may get back together.

According to E! Online, Sophia Bush, who played the fan favorite character, Brooke Davis, on One Tree Hill, recently spoke out about the possibility of a reunion or a reboot for the CW series. Bush, who is planning to make an appearance at one of the many conventions held for the show’s fans next year, says she thinks the idea of returning to Tree Hill would be “cool,” but very difficult to pull off.

Bush says that personally she’s way too busy with her current role on Chicago P.D. to tackle Brooke Davis again, but didn’t rule out the possibility of returning to the role in the future. Sophia implied that if all the One Tree Hill cast and crew could pull it off it would be great, but seemed a bit skeptical on the idea of it happening in the foreseeable future.

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“I don’t know how I could cut myself in half to make that happen because I shoot Chicago P.D. for 10 months out of the year. I guess if the stars align for all of the producers who have other jobs to do another job and then miraculously 15 people could manage to be free for a special, that would be cool. I just don’t know how we would ever make it work, but it’s certainly flattering that people want us to.”

As for what Brooke Davis would be doing now, Bush says her One Tree Hill alter ego would still be doing what she does best — running companies. Bush says she believes that Brooke would be a “leader in the tech market,” and develop an incredible app, before revealing that perhaps the app should be made regardless.

“I think still running companies. I think she absolutely would have been a leader in the tech market and would have an incredible app. Brook’s app would be great. Maybe we should make it anyway.”

Meanwhile, Sophia Bush’s former One Tree Hill co-stars have also all moved on to new roles as well. Chad Michael Murray, who portrayed Lucas Scott on the show, recently skipped out on reprising his role in the Gilmore Girls revival, but had been busy with a role on the TV series Agent Carter. James Lafferty, who played Lucas’ brother, Nathan Scott, recently landed a role on the television series Underground, as well as filmed the upcoming movie Small Town Crime. Hilarie Burton, who played Peyton Sawyer on the show, has landed a role on the TV adaptation of Lethal Weapon, and Bethany Joy Lenz, who played Haley James-Scott, recently appeared in the series American Gothic.

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However, the One Tree Hill co-stars see each other often as they appear at fan conventions whenever their schedules allow them to do so. This keeps fans connected to the series, which ran for nine seasons. New fans are being created all the time thanks to the entire series streaming on Netflix, and with the latest craze of reboots, spin-offs, sequels, and revivals, fans can’t help but wonder if the cast will be able to return to Tree Hill, North Carolina, for some follow-up work on the characters of Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Brooke, and Haley, as well as the rest of the characters’ friends and families.

What do you think of Sophia Bush’s comments on a One Tree Hill revival? Would you watch it?


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