Josh Altman and Josh Flagg: Both ‘MDLLA’ Stars Dish On Their Feud And How It Started

Josh Altman may see himself as one of the best real estate agents in Los Angeles, but he has competition. When he started filming Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Altman kept telling viewers that he was the best real-estate agent on the show and that he made more money than anyone else. But it sounds like he’s had some competition in regards to real estate, as his co-star Josh Flagg isn’t interested in hearing about Altman’s success stories. Flagg can rest comfortably in his own success, and he isn’t too worried about Altman. And yet, these two Bravo stars have fought and feuded continuously over the past few years.

According to a new Bravo report, Josh Altman is now revealing why he’s feuding with Flagg. As it turns out, it isn’t just a single incident or thing that has Josh annoyed with his co-star. Apparently, it’s Flagg’s entire demeanor and how he carries himself. Altman believes that Flagg thinks he knows more because he’s a local person and has grown up in these neighborhoods.

“I have a completely different style of everything I do in my life than everything that he does in his life,” Josh Altman has revealed about his feud with Josh Flagg, sharing that he simply doesn’t like the way Flagg carries himself and he may not become friends with his Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles anytime soon.

“He’s got this smug [look] on his face where he thinks the deal doesn’t matter. There’s something about him that just bothers me so much. [It’s] very simple: born and raised rich Beverly Hills kid, kid from Boston who came out to L.A. with zero. Kid from Boston becomes more successful than local Beverly Hills rich kid, Beverly Hills rich kid throws temper tantrum. But, whatever, at the end of the day, he wants to show one of my properties I’ll open the door and show it happily and we’ll close the deal,” Altman told Bravo about the continuous feud.

It’s very interesting that Altman is calling his co-star a spoiled Beverly Hills kid, who throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s no secret that Flagg hasn’t been too concerned about money and he tends to just live his life as he chooses, including living at a hotel because he couldn’t make up his mind about a home. But what does he say about Josh Altman?

“There’s never really been a time where we were ever friends,” Josh Flagg has revealed about the feud with Altman, according to Bravo. “Neither of us like each other. He just has a very different way of selling houses than I do and it’s very transparent. I think that he just likes to do things his way and I like to do things my way, and maybe one is not right or wrong — it’s just different. I could care less. Honestly, I don’t really have anything against him. He just doesn’t like me.”

It sounds like he doesn’t mind Altman’s approach the way Altman seems to be really bothered with his co-star. As he points out, Josh Altman just has another way of doing business, and they are just very different. But Josh Flagg isn’t the only person who Josh Altman has a problem with. In the past, he hasn’t gotten along with his other co-star, Madison Hildebrand. Josh’s wife used to work with Madison, and when she decided to leave Madison to work with Altman, things got heated between them. It sounds like Josh has a hard time gaining respect from his co-stars.

What do you think of Josh Altman’s comments about his co-star? Are you surprised that they aren’t getting along?

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