Adam Lind Quits ‘Teen Mom 2’ Amid Warrants Issued For Back Child Support [Rumor]

Adam Lind has a lot going on in his life right now. He has been a part of the Teen Mom franchise for seven years, and the newest season is about to begin airing in exactly one month.

Between filming for the show and his responsibilities as a father, Lind gets overwhelmed quite a bit. He has been rather bitter over the last year or so, threatening to quit Teen Mom 2 on several occasions. The reunion show was the final straw for him and when he talked with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Lind admitted he was only in attendance to finish his contractual obligations.

The trailer for Teen Mom 2 was recently released and Adam Lind is definitely shown in it. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Adam Lind is saying that he quit Teen Mom 2 due to his high integrity. They are also reporting he has two warrants out for his arrest due to being behind in child support for both daughters. This is all incredibly confusing to fans who thought he had decided to film the season since there were at least a few scenes of him on the trailer. Lind has found himself in an incredibly messy situation, especially if the claims about the back child support are indeed true.

Last season, Adam Lind was heavily criticized for things he did and did not do with his daughter, Aubree. One storyline in particular was when he stood her up for the daddy/daughter dance at her school. Chelsea Houska had arranged it so that both Lind and her boyfriend at the time, Cole DeBoer could escort her daughter to the dance. Despite the fact that her dad was a no-show for the dance without even so much as call, Aubree was still able to attend with DeBoer. He is now her stepfather after marrying her mom this past October.–cYgwYd/?taken-by=adamjoelind

Right now, there are no reliable reports that indicate there are active warrants out for Adam Lind because of his failure to pay child support. The rumors aren’t hard to believe though, especially with comments he has made in the past. Lind has accused Chelsea Houska of being after only the money when she wanted to go back to court for a child support increase. In fact, he came out and told the world how much money Houska and the other Teen Mom 2 stars make a year. It is a pretty hefty sum, but that doesn’t abolish Lind’s responsibilities when it comes to taking care of Aubree.

It will be interesting to see how much Adam Lind will appear on Teen Mom 2 this season since he is reportedly claiming he quit the show. If he chooses to stop filming, the show will still go on. Chelsea Houska has a storyline without him, one that is almost more interesting at this point. The drama between her and Lind made for good television, but her love story is something more fans are interested in watching at this point. Right now, Lind is still planning to marry Stasia Huber as the couple confirmed just a few days ago after rumors spread they were over.

In just one month, Adam Lind will be airing on Teen Mom 2. While he is reportedly claiming he is done, there isn’t anything to substantiate the claims. There have been occasions before where Adam has threatened to be done with the show but has had to follow through due to contract obligations. Now that things are serious with Stasia Huber and they are headed toward marriage, it looks like Adam Lind wants to be out of the spotlight and relieved from paying child support based on what he was making for Teen Mom 2.

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