Lisa Vanderpump Defends Her Restaurants, Says They Are Doing Fine Despite ‘Pump Rules’

Lisa Vanderpump may own SUR, where Vanderpump Rules is filmed, and she may be invested in her employees’ lives to the point where she knows who is sleeping with who and why, but she isn’t really thinking too much about what the show is doing in regard to her public image. Over the past year, the employees at SUR have acted quite immature, and fans are starting to see how these mid-30s workers are willing to create drama for the sake of ratings and money. But is this behavior affecting Lisa’s restaurant?

According to a new tweet, Lisa Vanderpump read through the majority of her tweets and noticed a tweet from a viewer who was shocked at how Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney were treating other people. Of course, Stassi and Kristen no longer work for Lisa Vanderpump, but they are still filming Vanderpump Rules, where Lisa works as a producer. Plus, she does let them into her establishment, so many would argue that they are indeed working for her in some capacity.

“Stassi, Kristen, n insecure Katie.. clueless, lost, delusional, obnoxious, exhausting, annoying, all 3. How can Katie dictate who her friends want to say hello to? She sounds like a complete moron. The only reason Katie hates Lala, pure jealously! N Tom was caught enjoying her perky breasts. I wonder how well the restaurant would do if you weren’t on tv n didn’t have a partner,” the person wrote to Lisa Vanderpump, questioning whether the restaurant would close due to poor customer experiences if it wasn’t for her business partner.

“I have had 33 of them, so pretty well thanks,” Vanderpump replied to the follower, sharing that her restaurants are doing well because she’s had plenty of experience in this industry with her husband, Ken Todd.

“I retired at 42, I’m truly blessed, but you obviously don’t need the show, 33? N u let workers steal from u? Don’t get it. thought I would have received a better answer than that, for letting workers steal liquor n silverware from you,” the person replied to Lisa, who didn’t reply to the person’s question.

Of course, many could argue that Lisa’s restaurant is actually doing much better because of Vanderpump Rules. Many people are heading to SUR to dine, just so they can see some of the stars of the show. In addition, the restaurant is often booked because people are coming from across the country to eat at the restaurant. And even her dirty jokes about her Vanderpump Rules employees are not enough to scare away some people. But some people were disgusted with a recent joke.

“A** steaks and Kentucky muffin will be our specials this holiday season… #PumpRules,” Lisa Vanderpump tweeted last week when Tom Schwartz made a joke with Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor, where he served them steaks that had been rubbed on his sweaty body parts, to which fans were disgusted, writing, “ dining elsewhere” and “You have to be kidding, thought you were classier than that, it was disgusting will never watch again.”

It should be mentioned that many Vanderpump Rules stars respect Lisa Vanderpump, and they respect that she’s running a business — and without the business, they wouldn’t have jobs and there wouldn’t be a television show. In other words, they respect Vanderpump and her decision to set them straight at times, especially when they do something within the establishment.

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump’s tweet about her restaurants? Do you think her restaurants would be doing worse because of Vanderpump Rules if she didn’t have a partner in the business?

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