WWE Rumors: Nikki Bella Brutalizes Opponent For No Reason, Will She Lose This Sunday?

Nikki Bella is nothing if not an interesting character for the WWE, and the latest WWE rumors suggest that she may have taken her beef with an opponent just a little too far!

That’s the word from Fox News, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that Carmella — who will be facing off against Nikki Bella during Sunday’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view event — received more than a few lumps on her head and a black eye on her face after tangling with Nikki Bella in the ring during Tuesday’s SmackDown Live. Carmella took to Instagram to detail her injuries, and though she didn’t come right out and say that Nikki was the one who caused the injuries, she certainly made clear that she’s coming for Nikki’s neck on Sunday.

Of course, Nikki didn’t just randomly decide to attack Carmella, either. As has been previously reported, Nikki suffered a chipped tooth, which she also blamed on Carmella. So, this latest attack on Carmella could be just revenge for that little dental incident. By the way, has it ever really been confirmed that Carmella caused Nikki’s chipped tooth?

Because the latest WWE rumors from Yibada suggest that it was Becky Lynch, not Carmella, who gave Nikki her chipped tooth. So why isn’t the WWE pointing this out to the fans and allowing Becky and Nikki to fight against each other?

Simply put: It’s not in the storyline. As it stands right now, WWE creative doesn’t see anything interesting developing between Nikki and Becky. However, the site suggested that the real person behind the attack on Nikki will be, eventually, revealed.

Furthermore, Yibada goes on to say that it’s also very possible that this “feud” between Nikki and Becky won’t come to pass until WrestleMania 33, which is when Nikki will need a formidable opponent to go up against.

It should be interesting to see what will happen between Nikki and Carmella should these rumors turn out to be true!

Meanwhile, the latest WWE rumors from CBS suggest that Nikki is going to have her work cut out for her this Sunday at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. The outlet recently sat down with a few wrestling insiders, who gave their predictions about what’s to come this Sunday, and it doesn’t look good for the diva!

Aaron Oster, who contributes wrestling stories to the likes of Rolling Stone, said that he believes this match will go to Carmella.

“What this match comes down to, for me, is that this is No DQ, and we still don’t know who attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series. What better way to resolve that question than by having her assailant attack again? It would move these two away from each other and give Carmella that important win that she’s been looking for. By the way, people are assuming it’s Natalya, and it probably is… but there’s a certain redhead that we haven’t seen in months too.”

Scott Fishman, however, disagreed with Oster’s assessment and thinks that this will be the perfect way for Nikki to take a shot at the women’s title come WrestleMania 33. Fishman, who contributes to the Miami Herald, was the only “insider” on the panel who thought that this Sunday’s match would go in Nikki’s favor.

What do you think of these latest WWE rumors? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors in the comments below.

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