Blake Shelton Reads His ‘Children’s Book’ To Ellen DeGeneres, And It’s Not Appropriate For Gwen Stefani’s Sons

Blake Shelton is going to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and Shefani fans know what this means — Ellen is probably going to grill him about Gwen Stefani.

Ellen DeGeneres may also get Blake Shelton to open up about his relationship with Gwen Stefani’s three sons from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. The talk show host will be presented with the perfect opportunity to bring up Gwen’s kids when Blake reads a short passage from his “children’s book,” Blake and His Tiny, Little Snake. Ellen shared a clip of Blake reading the book on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Instagram page, and it’s pretty clear that Blake’s “snake” is a euphemism for something else.

“There once was a man named Blake. Blake was a very tall and handsome man,” Blake Shelton reads in the sneak preview of today’s show. “But Blake had a very tiny, little snake. Even though Blake’s snake was so tiny, he loved it and played with it every day.”

Numerous commenters on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Instagram page responded to the video by saying that they’d buy Blake Shelton’s book about his tiny, little snake. However, others complained that his story is not appropriate for children.

“This is so messed up. I hope this really isn’t a real children’s book. Because adults will get the humour but kids most likely won’t,” one fan wrote.

Most commenters realized that Ellen and Blake were just playing a prank on The Ellen DeGeneres Show audience, and they speculated that Blake’s book reading was part of Ellen DeGeneres’ “12 Days of Giveaways.” For the holiday promotion, Ellen enlists her celebrity guests to help her prank the studio audience. She then lets the lucky audience members know what special gifts they get to take home.

One Instagram commenter noticed that Blake Shelton’s fake Blake and His Tiny, Little Snake book jacket had been placed over Kelly Clarkson’s children’s book, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby.

“It’s a fake book jacket over Kelly Clarkson’s book. Anyone else notice her book underneath?” the commenter wrote.

During today’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Blake Shelton won’t just read a fake book — he’ll also talk about The Voice, his music, and Gwen Stefani. Ellen wasn’t afraid to grill Gwen about her love life when the “Misery” singer appeared on the show earlier this year. As Us Weekly reports, Ellen asked Gwen to let her know when she and Blake plan on tying the knot. The talk show host told Gwen she wants to make sure her schedule is clear so that she can attend their wedding.

“Oh you’re crazy. OK, I’ll let you know,” a giggling Gwen responded, hinting that there is a Shefani wedding in the cards.

Blake Shelton might not be the best children’s book author, but Gwen’s sons — Kingston, 10, Zuma, eight, and Apollo, two —reportedly love the “Came Here to Forget” singer. They often spend time at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma, and there’s a chance that they’ve encountered a few real snakes in the woods surrounding his sprawling property. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Blake Shelton admitted that he has a hard time keeping up with the kids whenever they visit.

“When they come out there, I don’t see them much because if they’re at my place in Oklahoma, they’re in the woods,” Shelton said. “I don’t know how to keep control of them.”

According to a Shefani insider, Blake and the boys have gotten “closer and closer” since he started dating Gwen last November, and Life & Style reports that Gwen and Blake want the kids to be a part of their wedding. A source close to the couple says that Apollo wants to be the ring bearer, and Kingston and Zuma want to be “junior groomsmen.” Rumor has it that Gwen and Blake will tie the knot at his ranch in Oklahoma sometime around Christmas.

You can see if Blake Shelton spills any details about the rumored wedding today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Check your local listings to find out when the show airs in your area.

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