Khloe Kardashian Reveals That She Cannot Stand This Christmas Thing

Khloe Kardashian is a fan of the Christmas holiday and the festive season but she has revealed that there is one particular thing that she doesn’t like about the holiday.

Khloe is all for the Christmas cheer, the decorations, and the holiday-themed attires but she claims that the one thing she utterly detests about Christmas is glitter wrapping paper. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star revealed the reason behind her hate for glitter wrapping paper in a recent post on her website and her brother Rob Kardashian had something to do with it.

Khloé Kardashian cant stand this Christmas thing
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“I know it seems random but my brother despises glitter wrapping paper. I bought him a gift one time and he was like ‘WTF is this?!’ He was referring to the wrapping paper, not the gift, LOL,” Khloe explained.

In her statement, Khloe explained that her brother did not take kindly to glitter. She then started noticing that many other people shared the same sentiments as Rob about glitter. The Kardashian sister then came to detest wrappings filled with glitter and that is why she stopped using it.

“The glitter does get everywhere, so I understand. I didn’t know that it was so annoying to so many people, so now I don’t buy it!” Khloe pointed out.

It is no wonder that Khloe agreed with Rob’s reasoning considering that she happens to be a neat freak. She is very organized and likes it when everything is tidy and organized. Khloe usually jokes about this and she calls it “KhloCD.” The popular reality show star has a very organized medicine cabinet in her house and she calls it “little aisle at CVS”.

Khloe does not leave anything to chance and her neatness and desire to have everything in order also extend beyond her house. She makes sure that there is a survival kit on standby in her car at any given point; after all, one can never be too careful. She is not only obsessed with being clean or neat but also with being prepared and having things where they are supposed to be. But Khloe’s case might just be a passion for perfection because it is not a chronic case of OCD.

Khloé Kardashian cant stand this Christmas thing
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With her obsession for neatness in mind, it makes sense that Khloe is not a huge fan of glitter. This is because it easily gets everywhere as she pointed out in the article on her website. Khloe’s neatness would work great for her as a mother, which is something that we will get to see in the future. But her obsession with neatness should not be treated as a weakness. The reality show star does not mind getting down and dirty when fun is involved. She especially likes to hang out with her sisters Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian as seen in KUWTK. Unfortunately, they don’t have many such moments because of their work schedules and also because Kim and Kourtney are mothers to young children. Nevertheless, they do have their magic moments.

It is not clear whether Khloe hates glitter only when it’s on wrapping paper or whether it is annoying to her even in makeup or attires. Regardless, the Christmas holiday season she tends to enjoy more than its fair share of gift wrappers covered in glitter. According to her article, the Kardashian sister does not mind anything else about the Christmas season and she is a big fan of all the decorations and the holiday cheer associated with it. At least it is now clear for those who wanted to buy Khloe any holiday presents. Make sure the wrapping does not contain glitter otherwise Khloe will not be pleased.

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