Apple Lightning Cables On The Cheap? Chinese Manufacturer Offering $9.90 Cables

Not willing to pay $19 for a single Apple Lightning cable? If you wait until November 3, you can pick them up for $9.90. There is just one caveat; the cables in question are Chinese knockoffs.

iPhone5Mod announced on Thursday that it is preparing to ship the cables alongside $4 shipping to the US. The company is saving customers $5 per cable.

According to reports, the Lightning cables have a cracked clone of the authentication chip Apple places inside of each Lightning cable. By cracking that system, the cable is able to operate as it should.

The new cables are set to start shipping on November 3 with a 10 to 14 day delivery window.

For many buyers, the saved $5 will probably not be worth the purchase. Keep in mind that any damage done to your hardware will not be the fault of iPhone5Mod.

Apple is believed to be in talks with manufacturers, talks that would allow third-party vendors to license Lightning cable technology for their own products. The tech company has come under fire for pushing out accessory competitors while controlling the cable market pricing structure for its products.

Here is a video of the $9.90 iPhone5Mod:

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With heavy competition in the smartphone and tablet from the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Samsung, it should come as no surprise that Apple is finally loosening up its controls over its third-party accessories for the Apple Lightning cable.

Would you be willing to save $5 by picking up a Chinese knockoff of a hacked Apple lightning cable?

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