‘The Division’ Developers Address Loot Bugs With Recent Maintenance, Reveal ‘Survival’ Statistics In Stream

Servers for The Division are back online with the latest update following the weekly maintenance. As usual, community developers for the title gathered to speak to the community in the latest state of the game address during the downtime. In addition to revealing some interesting “Survival” statistics, the team touched on a few loot issues specific to the new named gear pieces and other fixes.

During this week’s state of the game for The Division on Twitch, the team reiterated what was being fixed with the maintenance. With the introduction of named gear for each armor slot, many players are seeking out specific bosses to find their loot. Larae Barrett in the Lexington Event Center has a higher chance to drop Barrett’s bulletproof chest piece over any other source in the game, for instance. However, the encounter with her was presenting a few issues for players. With today’s maintenance, Barrett should no longer get stuck on the balcony and the chest piece’s talent should now properly work.

World Tier five offers items up to gear score 256 [Image by Ubisoft]

Another piece of named armor, Colonel Bliss’s Holster, was also addressed with the patch. As its name suggests, this holster is supposed to drop more frequently from Colonel Bliss in the General Assembly mission. A bug prevented it from dropping in that mission, and the patch today fixed that issue, according to the patch notes on the official forums. These issues and a handful of others were rectified with today’s update. Sticky Bomb damage in PvP and players below level 30 receiving high-end items were also addressed in the patch.

“All existing High-End items below level 30 will be automatically rerolled to level 30. In the future, in the event that players would be able to acquire High-End items when they are below level 30, the item will be level 30. Equipped High-End items on character below level 30 will be automatically unequipped during the maintenance and replaced with basic started gear.”

The team talked about them at length before revealing a few “Survival” statistics based on players’ experiences on the PC and Xbox One. Between both the PvE and PvP options for the mode, only 13 percent of runs are successful with an average time per run of 41 minutes. Keep in mind that a session of Survival only lasts two hours.

Where players die most often in The Division‘s Survival mode [Image by Ubisoft]

The developers also provided a death heat map for the mode showing where players most often perish while trying to reach the center of the map. On the official site, two more maps are displayed showing where players die due to NPCs and where they die because of another player.

“We pulled some data to find out where players are dying most often in Survival. The larger the death icon, the more players have died in that area. Please note that these only display the larger concentrations of deaths.”

Although “Survival” is out now on PC and Xbox One, an exclusivity deal with Microsoft delays the release of the DLC on PlayStation 4. Players on the PlayStation 4 did recently receive the 1.5 base game update, however. The major patch includes a new World Tier, the new named gear like those detailed above, and other features. As the Inquisitor previously reported, the “Survival” DLC will release to PlayStation 4 players on December 20. A special stream will occur to celebrate the DLC’s release on the PlayStation 4.

As the release of the second piece of downloadable content draws nearer on that platform, agents will soon begin to hear information on the last DLC for The Division. “Last Stand” is the final DLC included in the game’s season pass, but no details on the content are currently available. Although “Last Stand” was previously scheduled to release by the end of 2016, players can now expect The Division DLC sometime in early 2017, as stated on the official game website.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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