‘The Bachelor’ Star Ben Higgins Allegedly Asks Lauren Bushnell To Move Out Of His Denver Bachelor Pad — Relationship Over?

The Bachelor star Ben Higgins allegedly asked Lauren Bushnell to move out of his Denver home, In Touch Weekly reported. The reality TV couple has been fighting non-stop for the last couple weeks, and in the heat of the moment, Ben snapped and ordered her to move out and give him some much-needed space. Lauren packed her bags and flew back to Los Angeles to stay with her family and friends, and according to a new report, Ben hopes that she takes up permanent residence in L.A. and could end their relationship — this time for good.

Last week, Life & Style reported that Ben insisted his relationship with Lauren was “fine” despite the fact they called off their wedding. Well, not exactly because an inside source revealed that Ben was talking to The Bachelor runner-up JoJo Fletcher behind Lauren’s back.

“Ben has been secretly calling JoJo ever since Lauren moved in his Denver bachelor paid in April,” the source stated. “They talked every three or four weeks at first, but it’s becoming more frequent since the wedding was canceled. If Lauren knew about the calls, she would be completely devastated.”

The situation is complicated. The Bachelorette star is still with Jordan Rodgers and allegedly regrets her choice. The source revealed that she isn’t happy in her relationship and added that Jordan doesn’t know anything about her calls to Ben. What makes this situation less than ideal, is that JoJo and Lauren are friends, so this wouldn’t bode well if she found out about the calls. Lauren has been insecure about JoJo ever since she figured out that Higgins told her he loved her, just minutes before giving her the final rose.

Lauren and Ben are not getting along, and The Bachelor followers worry they could be headed for a break-up. They seem to be fighting more often, and this time, Ben demanded that Lauren pack a suitcase and go back to Los Angeles — at least for the holidays — to give him space. Of course, Bushnell tried to reason with Higgins, but his mind was set — it was time for a much-needed relationship hiatus.

“Ben and Lauren fight non-stop about money and where to live, but recently things got so bad that Ben told her to get out and move back to L.A. for a while,” an insider revealed.

The source added that Higgins couldn’t take Bushnell’s constant complaining any longer and decided to suggest that she return to Los Angeles.

“From the very beginning, Lauren was pressuring Ben to move back to Los Angeles, even though he told her that it isn’t an option for him,” the source explained. “But she just wouldn’t stop, and finally Ben snapped. He had a meltdown and told her to move back by herself.”

Lauren was stunned by Ben’s suggestion because she thought they were in a good place. Right now, she is planning on staying in L.A. throughout the holiday season, but is debating whether it is best to stay longer to clear her head. She is taken aback by the sudden change in Ben’s behavior and worries that he could call off their whole relationship — and this time it would be for good.

It isn’t a good sign that Ben started talking to JoJo Fletcher more often, and then asked Lauren for space. It looks like a break up may be in their future. The Bachelor fans hope that they can patch things up and live happily ever after.

The Bachelor fans, do you think Ben asked Lauren to move out? Do you think Ben and JoJo are secretly talking to each other?


The Bachelor returns to ABC in January.

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