Chris Pratt Is Pranking Jennifer Lawrence In The Best Way While Promoting ‘Passengers’

Promoting their latest release can be quite tedious for movie stars. Sure, it also has some perks, as they’re transported to glamorous locations across the world, asked a copious amount of questions by fawning journalists, and are paid rather well for doing it. But after a while, it all becomes one and the same.

In an attempt to break up this tedium while promoting Passengers, Chris Pratt has decided to play a repeated prank on his co-star Jennifer Lawrence, which simply involves him taking numerous pictures of his co-star that he then crops her out of.

Clearly, it’s working a treat, too, because Chris Pratt has continued to upload more and more pictures over the last two days while he has been in Paris, France, to discuss the film, each of which has left out the Academy Award-winning actress.

Chris Pratt started off this adventure on Tuesday with the following image.

After posting the original picture, Chris Pratt continued on with his quest to peeve his co-star by uploading the following images to his Instagram account. This one just missed Jennifer Lawrence’s famous smile.

There was also this one that captured Jennifer Lawrence having a swig of water in between being questioned.

Then there was this picture that was taken while Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were partaking in a group photo, which the Guardians of the Galaxy star then covertly chopped to make it look as though it was just him.

Passengers is set on the spaceship Starship Avalon, which is carrying 5,259 people to a distant colony planet that’s simply known as Homestead II. The journey takes 120 years, so everyone onboard is put into hibernation for the voyage. However, just 30 years into the journey, a malfunction occurs that opens up two of the sleeping chambers, causing Chris Pratt’s Jim Preston and Jennifer Lawrence’s Aurora Dunn to awaken.

Still 90 years from their destination, Aurora, who previously worked as a journalist in New York City and decided to board the spacecraft because of her interest in cosmic travel, and Jim, a mechanical engineer from Denver who wanted to leave Earth, soon start to fall in love. However, they also learn that the malfunction that caused them to wake up so soon isn’t the only problem with the ship, and they have to race to fix it.

Passengers is now just under three weeks away from hitting U.S. cinemas, so expect Jennifer Lawrence to seek revenge against Chris Pratt as the days toward its release dwindle away. You can also probably expect Chris Pratt to annoy his co-star in a variety of different ways before then, too.

[Image by Columbia Pictures]

Passengers has got quite a bit of competition in the Christmas movie market as it tries to make an impression in an attempt to haul back its $120 million budget. Not only is it released on the same day as Assassin’s Creed, Sing, and Patriots Day, but just five days earlier, it’s preceded by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Amidst its release, there’s also Collateral Beauty, The Founder, Why Him?, A Monsters Call, Silence, Hidden Figures, and Live by Night.

All of which means that Passengers could probably profit from Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s playful antics during their promotion of the film, as it’s likely to result in more people actually going to see it.

[Featured Image by Columbia Pictures]

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