Jill Zarin Gives Update On Bobby’s Cancer Battle: ‘Very Scary’ To Battle Spreading Cancer

Jill Zarin managed to keep a low profile since she got fired from The Real Housewives of New York a few years ago. Jill had fought with Bethenny Frankel on the show’s third season, but after Frankel left the show, there was no one to keep Jill in line. She quickly became the bully on the show, and Bravo decided to cut the cord after the fourth season. But on the show’s third season, Zarin revealed that her husband Bobby Zarin had been diagnosed with cancer. He had gone through surgery, and she was happy to say that the cancer was removed. But last week, Zarin revealed that her husband’s cancer is back, and it’s aggressive this time.

According to a new Instagram post, Jill Zarin is now opening up about what life is like after learning that her husband’s cancer has returned. One can imagine that it was completely devastating to get the news that the cancer has returned, but Bobby has Jill Zarin in his life, and she will fight for him to the bitter end. And this week, they had dinner with friends, and they were able to laugh and enjoy life.

“Thank you Iris and Micheal who will never see this because they don’t do social media for your friendship and love at a time like this. It’s good to have friends in a stranger city when you are most vulnerable. Had dinner with Steve Boxer and Michelle Walker and Bobby Zarin at their favorite restaurant and felt the love all night. It was truly the happiest birthday I could ever want. Bobby came thru like a champ with zero side effects and we are our way back to Miami! Let’s Party,” Jill Zarin revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself smiling and being happy.

As she points out in her Instagram post, the cancer news was devastating, and she feels vulnerable. The two of them were in Miami, and it sounds like they were possibly visiting friends or doctors to get him the best care possible. And Jill Zarin’s fans were eager to reach out to give their support to the former Real Housewives of New York star and her husband.

“It always helps having love and support during times like this know sending out our love and prayers to you all Jill. Great to hear Bobby is doing well re side effects Much blessings to you all,” one person wrote back to Jill, while others wrote things like, “Beautiful. Excellent news. Also one of my all time favorite restaurants” and “Jill you look great! Whatever you are doing keep it up. You are aging backwards.”

Last week, Jill Zarin announced that her husband’s cancer had returned. He was first diagnosed back in 2009, and he had surgery to remove his thyroid. He also underwent a radioactive iodine treatment. On The Real Housewives of New York, Jill Zarin revealed that her husband had been cut from ear to ear, and she was upset that Bethenny Frankel hadn’t reached out to her even though the two of them weren’t getting along. It was enough for Zarin to end their friendship.

Bobby’s cancer returned in 2015, as the cancer had spread to his lungs. And this time around, Jill reveals that they are facing a scary time because the cancer had spread north of his shoulders. It sounds like the cancer is spreading, and Jill Zarin is ready to try whatever medicine she can get her hands on to help her husband.

“We are so grateful to have so many loving friends and family reach out to us during this very scary time in our lives. You have to live to live,” Jill Zarin revealed last week when she announced that the cancer had returned, according to Bravo, adding, “There are new drugs being approved, and we all have to survive long enough to get them.”

Jill Zarin might update fans about Bobby’s cancer journey on social media, as she has been sharing some sweet updates about her and her husband on Instagram lately.

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