What The F@#*! Are You Doing?

Veteran news anchor Sue Simmons is known here in the Tri-State area for daily news on TV. I’m sure she is known as well nationwide. She delivers the news at 6pm and again at 11pm with another news veteran Chuck Scarborough.

Must be a tiring job doing it twice per day. It must must be because just recently, she was caught slipping during the news when she thought that her microphone was off already and blurted the f-word.

“What the f@#*! are you doing?” she said.

“I have to acknowledge an unfortunate incident. I used a word that many people find offensive. It was a mistake I made and I’m truly sorry,” she apologized afterwards.

She must be tired doing the news and getting paid $2.5 million or $10,000 per day. What the f@#*! was she thinking?

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