Jessica Simpson Still Can’t Quite Get Over Her ‘Chicken Or Fish’ Blunder

Jessica Simpson may not know the difference between tuna and chicken, but at least she can make fun of herself, according to People magazine. The 36-year-old “With You” singer recalled her infamous Chicken of the Sea gaffe.

It’s been 13 years since Jessica Simpson confused tuna and chicken while indulging in a bowl of Chicken of the Sea during the 2003 premiere episode of the reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

In the show, which ran for three years, Jessica Simpson starred alongside her then-husband Nick Lachey. But this week, the singer got a bit nostalgic when she took to Instagram to share a throwback meme of her tuna vs. chicken debate.

It appears that 13 years ago Jessica Simpson couldn’t tell the difference between chicken and tuna, but she’s behaving like a good sport and making fun of herself. Otherwise, she wouldn’t recall the seemingly embarrassing moment after all these years.

During the episode in question, Jessica Simpson, while indulging in a bowl of Chicken of the Sea, asked her then-husband if it was chicken or fish that she was eating.

“I know it’s tuna, but it says chicken by the sea. Is that stupid? What is it called — chicken by the sea or in the sea?”

Understandably confused, Lachey looked at Jessica Simpson and made the revelation to her that Chicken of the Sea is actually a brand. Lachey, who’s now engaged to Vanessa Minnillo, explained to his then-bride the meaning behind the brand’s name.

“You know, ’cause a lot of people eat tuna, just like a lot of people eat chicken. Chicken of the Sea.”

Jessica Simpson and Lachey broke up shortly after their reality show ended its run in 2005. The couple officially divorced each other the following year and moved on.

And while in the year of 2016 Simpson is married to NFL player Eric Johnson and has two children – four-year-old Maxwell Drew and three-year-old Ace Knute – she had a good laugh at her 2003-self on Instagram.

In the Instagram pic showing a chicken floating in the sea, Jessica Simpson joked in the caption that maybe she was “on to something” when she made her infamous Chicken of the Sea comment.

But just because Jessica Simpson can make fun of herself doesn’t mean she wants to expose her new family to reality TV cameras. When she was asked last year during her appearance on Today if she would like her new family to be part of some reality TV show, the singer said that’s “very rear view mirror.”

“Having a camera on me at all times, I mean we all know I stick my foot in my mouth a little bit too much.”

While Jessica Simpson has no plans to get back in front of TV cameras anytime soon, the singer is planning her music comeback as soon as next year, according to Fox News. The 36-year-old mother of two shared the exciting news during 2016 American Music Awards.

Jessica Simpson took to social media to share a 15-year-old video of herself performing “I Wanna Love You Forever” at the awards show. In the caption, the singer wrote that the video was recorded during the AMAs in 2001, and hinted she is planning to make a comeback in 2017.

Jessica Simpson hasn’t released a single album since her 2010 Happy Christmas. Over the past few years, the singer has been teasing her fans about her pop music comeback. And it seems that it could actually happen as soon as next year.

As for her acting career, Jessica Simpson seems to have given it up after her role in Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous in 2008.

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