James Kennedy’s GF Raquel Leviss Responds To Criticism, Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken Todd Says He Still Likes James

The latest episode of Vanderpump Rules that aired on Monday night focused a lot on James Kennedy. On a positive note, James’ girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, made her first appearance on the show. On a not-so-positive note, the episode also showed James getting into an argument with bosses Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd outside of SUR, an argument that got so heated that Ken threatened to physically harm James because of his behavior.

The episode ended with Lisa finally firing James after deciding that she has given him one too many chances. After the episode aired, both Raquel and Ken spoke up on social media in regards to James. Raquel responded to criticism that she has received for dating James and Ken talked about his tense exchange with James outside of SUR.

Raquel has already received quite a bit of public criticism for dating James. People have left comments on her social media pages questioning why she would sink so low as to date someone like James. Some people have called her dumb and made fun of her. Others have accused her of just being very desperate for some fame.

On Wednesday, Raquel responded to the criticism. She posted a snippet of a Vulture recap of the latest Vanderpump Rules episode in which the author made fun of her, calling her “basic,” a term that James himself used to describe another woman in a previous season. Raquel directed her tweet to James and sarcastically apologized that people don’t like him because he’s dating “a basic.”

“#Amused,” Raquel included in her tweet, making it clear to others that she’s not letting the criticism get to her.

On Monday night’s episode, it was revealed that James was dating Raquel, a 21-year-old student and beauty pageant contestant. However, shortly after Raquel’s introduction, James faced the accusation that he cheated on her. GG, a new hostess at SUR, told Lala Kent that she slept with James in April after he started dating Raquel in January. Lala went over to James’ DJ booth at SUR and asked him whether it was true. James swiftly denied the accusation, accusing GG of just wanting some of his fame.

“Me and Raquel love each other! Come at me, any desperado b**ch that wants to become someone…”

In his confessional interview, James made sure to insult GG by stating that he would never get with her considering what he already has with Raquel.

“I wouldn’t f**k GG with a 10-foot pole. I mean I’m here driving around an Aston Martin, you think I’m gonna jump in this Honda Civic for a quick joyride?”

When Jax Taylor overheard the conversation, he made sure to inject himself into it. Not surprisingly, Jax butting into the conversation led to a volley of insults between Jax and James. James took shots at Jax for being a 30-something-year-old bartender, while Jax said that any idiot can be a DJ. They got so loud with one another that some of the patrons were clearly amused by the entertainment.

Lisa Vanderpump was not amused by what went down, however. Lisa, finding James Kennedy to be more at fault, sat James down and reminded him that he was hardly Calvin Harris. Later on, James got into more trouble when he gave her and her husband, Ken Todd, attitude while the three of them were standing outside of SUR. Lisa and Ken accused him of showing up to work drunk. Ken also lashed out at James for disrespecting Lisa.

“I told you not to come to here when you’re drunk. You’re drunk now. The way you’re speaking to Lisa? I’m giving you one warning. I’m giving you one warning, if you ruin my business.”

As Ken continued yelling at James and Lisa agreed with what Ken was saying, James broke down in tears. He told them sorry and promised to not do it again.

“See what he’s like?” Lisa repeatedly asked Ken about James.

James pleaded with Lisa to stop as it was making Ken even angrier at him. James confessed that Ken “scares the s**t” out of him. When his pleading didn’t work, James got angry.

“Oh my God I can’t f**king stand dealing with this bulls**t. What?! What?!” James yelled.

Ken had enough. He threatened to hit James if he continued his behavior, especially towards Lisa.

“Don’t you understand James? Don’t you understand. You little f**ker. I’ll knock your spark out! If you disrespect Lisa, that’ll be another thing. Go home.”

That confrontation finally prompted Lisa, who had already given James multiple chances, to fire him from his job the next day as a DJ at both SUR and PUMP.

Lisa and Ken may have resisted firing James up to that point because of his closeness to their son Max, who also works at SUR and makes music with James. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Max and James are such good friends that James attended Lisa and Ken’s intimate birthday dinner for Max last year.

On Twitter, Ken Todd retweeted posts from viewers who applauded him for sticking up for Lisa Vanderpump. In response to one viewer who wrote that while she likes James but he was totally disrespectful to Lisa, Ken agreed. Ken wrote that he likes James too but thinks that he needs to grow up.

A preview of next week’s Vanderpump Rules episode shows James telling Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix that he has been fired. Tom then asks James about whether Raquel knows about GG. James said that he told Raquel about the accusation.

“Yes dude. Yes dude. I told her. I told her that there’s this girl claiming that I hooked up with her at SUR.”

James maintained that he did not hook up with GG. In his confessional interview, James claimed that Jax and GG made up the rumor just to harm him.

Despite the accusation, James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss are still going strong. On Monday, James posted a photo of Raquel and declared that he loves her.

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