WWE News: Triple H Targeting Young Bucks For 2017 Signing, ROH Responds Offering Contract Extension

Triple H is known for bringing in some of the best talent in the world to be part of the WWE, and now he has his sights set on one of the best tag teams today, the Young Bucks. The Bucks have been all over the world and held gold in almost every promotion they took part. They are most known for their work in PWG, ROH, and NJPW. All three companies were big for them, as they held the tag gold multiple times in each promotion.

Matt and Nick Jackson were part of TNA Wrestling for a little bit of time early in their career, but like many careers in TNA for young competitors, it took leaving for them to actually succeed. Interestingly, they have been voted Tag Team of the Year the last two years and it likely they will get it again for 2016 due to their work so far. The two have been known for their affiliation with the Bullet Club where they have now had three leaders.

Two of them are in WWE now, AJ Styles and Finn Balor. Both have held World Titles since their arrival. Shinsuke Nakamura, another major NJPW star, has held the NXT Championship this year as well. Meanwhile, it looks like Kenny Omega may very well sign with WWE once his contract with New Japan is up. That said, and due to all the success the New Japan stars have had, would the Young Bucks come to WWE?

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According to various reports, Triple H has contacted the Young Bucks about signing with WWE once their deal expires with Ring of Honor. It will be done at the start of the year it seems, as will a lot of ROH deals. WWE plans to do a talent raid of ROH talent to have many come in at the start of 2017. This would be massive, but Ring of Honor is not just going to let this happen.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the company has countered the WWE by offering the Young Bucks a big contract that is multi-year. Their current deal allows them to work in PWG as well as overseas with New Japan on top of ROH. If they signed with WWE, they would be exclusive to them and only them. The Young Bucks may have been offered a deal, but they have not signed anything as of now.

The brothers have been wrestling for years now, and have quickly become a top team. However, they were almost in WWE before they started having major success on the indie scene. After leaving TNA, the Young Bucks had a successful tryout with WWE. They were not signed due to a moronic respect issue. The two were going to the back after their match and passed WWE Legend Booker T without shaking his hand.

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This led to issues with management over respect, which the two brothers did not realize at the time. Due to it, they were not signed, and it has pretty much stuck with them ever since. They have been offered deals by WWE since this random poor decision by the company, and they made up with Booker T since. However, the brothers have not signed and have managed to make more than enough money doing what they do now.

The Young Bucks have been very valuable to New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor for years now, mostly due to their role in the Bullet Club. However, they have also managed to make the superkick a move that is defined by them over any other among new age fans. Their matches are always terrific and with greatness comes success. Triple H obviously knows how good the Bucks are, and they would be able to beat ROH’s offer if they needed to. We have to wonder now if the Bucks stay with ROH and the indies in general or if they sign with WWE and go on to have sure tag team success there. We’ll know by early 2017 for sure.

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