Ryan Gosling Perfect As Boyfriend Of Emma Stone In Movies As Wife Eva Mendes Works On Baby Girls And New York And Company

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have appeared in multiple movies as a couple, which means that they get to have a sustained fantasy life as lovers. In real life, though, La La Land stars are seriously committed to their personal lives. For one, Ryan Gosling is dedicated to his baby mama, Eva Mendes, and her career as she expands her collaborations with New York and Company.

The 36-year-old actor is so dedicated to his movies and family that he tends to ignore any pop culture references that mention him. When he found out that there is a whole feminist movement around him, he admitted that he has no idea how that happened.

“Ryan Gosling is officially confused as to why people on the street keep yelling “Hey, Girl” his way,” reports Huffington Post. “The internet’s top-shelf boyfriend has long been associated with the Feminist Ryan Gosling phenomenon, which birthed memes featuring the actor’s image alongside pro-women statements beginning with “Hey, Girl.”

“I’ve never said that,” he replied.

But one thing that the Hollywood hunk should admit to is that he has amazing onscreen chemistry with Emma Stone.

“It was very evident very early,” the director of Crazy, Stupid Love said to Entertainment Weekly. “When Emma came in, she sat down, she was ready to go; Ryan walked in, immediately flubbed his first line, and she just laid into him, like, “Oh, you’re killing this buddy.” She was the only one not to be intimidated by him.”

That kind of affection only translates onto the screen because they actually have something real going on off camera.

“They love each other in real life, and they get on like a house on fire,” he revealed. “It wasn’t a lot of heavy lifting on our part. It’s making a move to hire the right chemistry.”

In another interview, Emma revealed the kind of friendship that she has built with Ryan after starring in three movies together.

“It’s wonderful to work with somebody you know, trust and respect so much,” Emma said to Variety, “He’s my buddy.”

“I knew he could sing and dance,” she continued. “Once you’ve learned to ballroom dance with someone, you’ve learned everything you need to know,” she laughed.

Sounds like Emma Stone seems to know the exact reasons of their out-of-this-world onscreen chemistry!

While Ryan Gosling has not said much about his co-star because he worries that the news media outlets will take his comments out of context, Emma Stone has been much freer with how she talks about her La La Land boyfriend. She just recently revealed how he texted her about the role in their latest movie and expressed how much that excited her.

“I got a text message from Ryan that was like, ‘Hey, so I just met with [writer-director] Damien Chezelle, and this movie sounds pretty cool.’ And I was like, ‘What is going on?!” Emma said according to Page Six. “Damien met with us separately. So maybe that was in Damien’s master plan, but it was never totally revealed to us.”

Meanwhile, as he is promoting the movie set to be released in December, Ryan has been revealing bits and pieces about his wife, Eva Mendes, and his baby girls. Despite the fact that he also has been busy shooting Blade Runner 2 in Czech Republic, he has been keeping up with his growing family of four.

“All of them are doing amazing,” the actor said to Us Weekly. “I’m a lucky man — they really make me better. We couldn’t be happier. They are so sweet.”

Do you think he will bring Eva Mendes to the La La Land premiere? Let us know in the comments below!

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