‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Naughty Nelle Moves Forward With Her Evil Scheme-Will That Include A Pregnancy?

It has been a horrific week on General Hospital for viewers who have watched that sneaky little Nelle Hayes up her game by making Sonny Corinthos think that they had a one-night stand while he was drunk. He doesn’t remember a thing thanks to the drug that she slipped into his drink while his back was turned and now the mobster truly believes that he has cheated on his wife. No one yet knows why Nelle is doing all of this, but this whole thing will definitely not end well unless she is caught red-handed.

Many General Hospital fans can barely stand to watch how this is all playing out between Sonny and Nelle. It has taken months for her to wiggle her way into the Corinthos family’s personal space where they have trusted her completely. That isn’t easy to do, but she has managed it all because she is Josslyn’s kidney donor and Carly feels like she owes her. However, it is all apparent now that Nelle is out to get her and Sonny. Soaps She Knows recapped all of the happenings from Wednesday’s episode, including the fact that she got her and Sonny’s conversation on tape of their one night together.

Will she go running to Carly with the tape in hand? Or she could very well keep it for the most opportune moment when she needs confirmation that it did indeed happen. As any long time watcher of General Hospital knows by now, Sonny seems to get multiple women pregnant. While it is apparent that Nelle didn’t actually sleep with Sonny, she may just use this all to her advantage and eventually announce that she is pregnant with his child. The clue to this came when she hinted to Sonny that they were not done just yet, even though he said that they were.

Future previews from Soap Central say that lives will be affected as her plan progresses. If she does end up making a pregnancy announcement, it would certainly drive an even bigger wedge between Carly and Sonny. Nelle is out for blood, but the reason as to why she is doing all of this has yet to be revealed. Her father is involved, but his identity is a secret for now. This father-daughter duo seems to be working together to bring this couple down for some reason.

Sonny has many enemies, but the evidence points to Carly who seems to be the target. It looks like Nelle either wants her to suffer tremendously, or she just wants the life that Carly has. Messing with her husband and eventually having a child with him would definitely put a kink in their marriage.

One has to wonder if Nelle is somehow involved in Morgan’s death, even if it is indirectly. Could it be that her father is the one who planted the bomb in Julian’s car that killed Sonny’s son? Nelle may not even know about that part of this whole scheme if that possibility should come to light on General Hospital. It seems more than a coincidence that she came into town right before all this happened and her daddy-dearest seems to be calling the shots in this whole scheme.

Actress Chloe Lanier, who plays the role of Nelle Hayes, just recently chatted with Soap Opera Digest on this scene where she slipped into bed with the mobster. She mentioned that the scenes with actor Maurice Benard (Sonny) was quite an emotional ride for her and the most vulnerable scenes that she has ever done in her career. She also mentioned that she is pretty sure that her character may be having a hard time fooling Sonny as well. Does that mean that maybe Nelle may have a change of heart eventually? That remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure, this whole story line has most General Hospital fans chattering about it. That must mean that Chloe Lanier and Maurice Benard are knocking it out of the ballpark.

What will naughty Nelle do next? Stay tuned to find out.

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