Luke Bryan Allegedly ‘Punches’ Fan In The Face During Concert [Video]

Luke Bryan allegedly “punched” a fan in the face during a recent concert in Nashville, Tennessee.

Concertgoers took to social media to upload footage of the moment Bryan appeared to have a not-so-friendly interaction with a fan while performing at Charlie Daniels Band’s 80th Birthday Bash/Volunteer Jam at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on November 30, claiming that he “punched” a man on the front row.

Twitter user @_kelseymeador uploaded footage of the moment Bryan allegedly “punched” the fan to the social media site, in which Luke can clearly be seen getting into some kind of physical altercation with a man close to the stage.

The clip shows Bryan performing his 2015 single “Move” for the crowd during the Charlie Daniels Band celebration when a man on the front row appears to grab his attention.

It’s not clear exactly what the fan was doing to rile Luke up, although Bryan can be heard in the video shouting “Come on!” at the fan before then stepping down on a speaker to get closer to the concertgoer, who appeared to lunge forward at the country star.

Bryan then seemingly put his hand in the fan’s face, which some fans claimed was a punch, before Luke then returned the stage to finish his set while a member of his team can then be seen heading over to the man in the crowd.

“[Shout out] to @LukeBryanOnline for handling this jerk & finishing the song,” the Twitter user captioned the video.

Other Twitter users who claimed to have been at the concert shed a little more light on what happened during the incident.

Twitter user @Laur2204 alleged that the man was eventually thrown out of the gig in the wake of his altercation with Bryan, while @StephanieLabeau claimed that the fan was “flipping off” Luke from the crowd before he was allegedly “punched” by the singer.

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Luke Bryan has yet to speak out about the incident on his official social media accounts, with his most recent tweet coming just hours before the incident went down, showing that Luke was looking forward to hitting the Nashville stage to celebrate Charlie Daniels Band.

“See you tonight CDB,” Luke wrote on the social media site just hours before taking to the stage. “Nashville, hope y’all are ready.”

But while Bryan hasn’t discussed the incident, fans have been taking to social media to throw in their two cents about the country star allegedly throwing a punch in the concertgoer’s direction during the incident.

“Most American concert I’ve ever been to,” Twitter user @marcie_oneal tweeted out following the show, claiming that “a bald eagle flew across the arena and Luke Bryan punched a guy in the face without missin a beat.”

“No way did Luke Bryan try to punch someone in the crowd while on stage!!” Twitter user @SomeHearts96 added, while @lovinnlb claimed that “the guy flipped Luke off so Luke said come on then punched the guy.”

The Tennessean reported that Bryan appeared to be in good spirits prior to his performance in celebration of Daniel’s 80th birthday to raise money for the musician’s charity the Journey Home Project, which helps veterans, claiming that Luke reportedly told press before the show that there was “no telling what may happen.”

“I’m just blessed to have gotten to work with Charlie [Daniels] in the past on stuff, and I’m just excited about tonight,” Luke told the site before the show on November 30, which also featured performances from Kid Rock, Larry the Cable Guy, Travis Tritt, and Chris Stapleton. “It’s going to be a fun night.”

The incident also comes just days after revealed that Bryan would be extending his popular “Kill the Lights Tour” into 2017.

What do you think of Luke Bryan allegedly punching a concertgoer during a concert?

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