Tom Sandoval Wedding: Is Ariana Madix Ready To Tie The Knot After ‘Pump Rules’ Divorce?

Tom Sandoval may be flashing all kinds of stick-on tattoos and new hairstyles on Vanderpump Rules, but he is just like anyone else who has grown up in a loving family with plenty of siblings. Tom has been very vocal about his desire to get married and have children later in life. Sure, Sandoval may want all of those things, but it’s possible he doesn’t want them all when he is working at SUR as a bartender. He may be in the same boat as Tom Schwartz, who wanted more in life before he got married to Katie Maloney.

According to a new Bravo report, Tom Sandoval may have to wait a long time before he gets what he wants. Despite dating Ariana Madix for a few years now, she hasn’t budged at all when it comes to getting married. When they first got together, Ariana revealed that she had no interest in getting married and she was skeptical about having children. And despite being together for a few years, Tom’s girlfriend hasn’t changed her mind at all.

“Tom and I actually have a joke that every time somebody asks us when we’re going to get married that one more year gets added on to our time frame. I think we’re at 28 years,” Ariana explains about their plans to get married, hinting that Tom Sandoval will have to wait a long time – if not forever – if he wants to marry her.

“But, honestly, I love him. I want to be with him and we have a lot of future plans together. They don’t necessarily involve walking down an aisle and saying vows, but we really want to buy a house together. That’s something that we’ve been really saving our money for, and we really want to travel the world together and that’s something that’s really important to both of us. And hopefully it all happens,” Madix explains in regards to her future with Tom Sandoval, which include buying a house and traveling the world.

In other words, it doesn’t sound like Tom has to be worried about being single anytime soon. Maybe Madix is just the kind of person who doesn’t need the state to get involved in her relationship or spend thousands of dollars to walk down the aisle. A few years ago, she was best friends with Scheana Shay, who got married in the summer of 2014. But she just announced that her marriage was over and this may not be the biggest confidence builder when it comes to a marriage. But on the other hand, Tom Sandoval’s best friend Tom Schwartz recently got married to Katie Maloney and he may believe in marriage more than ever before after attending their summer wedding. And while these two may not be able to settle on a wedding date, it sounds like she’s more open to possibly expanding the family one day.

“I don’t want kids or marriage,” Ariana explains about her plans in regards to children, something that Tom Sandoval has said he wanted, adding, “I would maybe consider adopting later on in life. There’s something about child birth, man, I can’t get into it. I can’t get the enthusiasm that I’ve seen from other people. I think Tom’s more open to it. I think Tom grew up wanting kids, but I’ve asked him recently and I don’t know if it’s as important to him as it was before. And I think maybe the idea of adopting when we’re much older might be something he’s into. Who knows?”

When Tom Sandoval was dating Kristen Doute, marriage and children were something he wanted in the future. And that hasn’t changed since he started dating Ariana. One can hope for Sandoval’s sake that she changes her mind and makes a compromise in regards to children or marriage, since it’s so important for him.

What do you think of Tom Sandoval’s possible future?

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