Emily Ratajkowski Against Jonathan Leder For Book Of Nude Photos

Emily Ratajkowski has accused photographer Jonathan Leder of publishing a book full of nude and half nude photos without her consent.

Ratajkowski and Leder worked together in 2012 where he was her photographer. Some of the photos of the model/actress from the 2012 shoot are in Jonathan’s book and she has criticized the photographer for publishing the book without her permission. Emily wrote a social media post speaking against the photographer on Wednesday. She claims that she did not give him consent to include her photos in the book and that it is a violation.

“I’ve been resisting speaking publicly on the recently released photos by Jonathan Leder to avoid giving him publicity. But I’ve had enough. This book and the images within them are a violation,” the model complained on Twitter.

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Ratajkowski was responding to Imperial Publishing’s announcement that the book would be released in December. The announcement also stated that the book contains four-year-old unpublished photos that were taken by Leder. The model said she initially tried not reacting to the news because she did not want to create negative publicity for the photographer. However, it got to a point that she just could not take it anymore and she decided to talk about it because it bothered her.

The photos that Emily talked about were taken on May 2012 and they are part of what she described as an artful magazine shoot. However, the model turned actress also claims that they were used without her authorization thus leading to a violation. In one of her tweets, the model stated that the photos are the exact opposite of what she stands for. She also added that women have the mandate to choose when and how they want to share their bodies as well as their sexuality.

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The controversial photobook will be on sale for $80. Ratajkowski’s photos feature her posing while completely naked and partly clothed in some of the photos. An online description states that Lender took the photos when he was alone with Ratajkowski in a house and a Polaroid camera happened to be laying around. The photos were also taken before the sexy model became famous. She was later featured in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video which put her in the spotlight and made her more popular. Leder claims that he did not take the photos of Emily because she was a celebrity but because he had seen her previous work and he felt that there was something unique about her.

“She was very, shall we say, comfortable with her body. And as far as shoots go, I would say it was fun,” Leder explained.

Further reports also claim that the same photos will also be exhibited in February at the Castor Gallery in Chelsea. Emily is reportedly also not pleased with the fact that her photos will be in the February exhibit. The photographer has not yet responded to inquiries about the photos. It is also not clear whether he has communicated with Ratajkowski to seek her approval for the images.

The 25-year-old has been enjoying a blossoming acting career and has a role in hit TV show, Entourage. Her claims about the images have led to a lot of debate about whether or not women should show off their bodies through such nude photoshoots. She has received applause and criticism for speaking out against the photographer, then posting a photograph of herself, revealing the top half of her body, with one arm covering her breasts. Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian found herself under the same criticism for posting a topless selfie with her boobs covered by black bars. Ratajkowski defended Kim Kardashian back then and it appears she is now in a similar conundrum courtesy of Leder’s book of nudes.

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