‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Joseline Hernandez Delivery Special Filming Has Begun, Stevie J Has His Own Spinoff Too

Joseline Hernandez is still pregnant and due to deliver her baby girl in January. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was recently spotted filming her delivery special for VH1. In a video Joseline posted to Instagram announcing the taping, she might have told fans what she plans to name her baby. The paternity of Baby Hernandez is still in question, but the number one contender, Stevie J, also has a VH1 spinoff that premieres soon.

Joseline has posted several baby bump photos over the last few months, and despite it all, there were still some who didn’t even believe that the Puerto Rican princess was pregnant. Now it looks pretty undeniable that a baby is on the way with a due date landing somewhere in January.

In the Instagram video where Joseline Hernandez announces that her VH1 delivery special has begun filming, she may have given up the name of her unborn baby girl. As the camera rolled, Joseline said, “On my way to do the second scene for the delivery special. Little Bonnie! Puerto Rican Princess! VH1!”

So is that it? Is Joseline going to name her baby Bonnie or is she just messing with everyone? Don’t forget that much earlier in her pregnancy, Joseline referred to the baby in her belly as “Baby Joseline” on Instagram too. Now that it’s clear that Joseline is actually pregnant, fans are waiting to see if she sticks with the name she just told everyone or if that is the latest surprise from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star.

It’s not clear when the Joseline Hernandez delivery special will air, and VH1 posted that they don’t have details on it. So far, there is no premiere date, and no commercials have been aired. Of course, since she hasn’t even had the baby yet, that could all hinge on when Joseline delivers.

One Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star who has a premiere date for his own solo spin-off is Stevie J. Joseline Hernandez’ ex will be starring in his own VH1 show set to hit TV sets on December 19. Leave It To Stevie will follow Love & Hip Hop New York with a start time of 9 p.m./8 p.m. CST. The show is supposed to chronicle Stevie’s return to bachelorhood and considering that the Bad Boy producer hasn’t been single in over a decade, it should be very entertaining.

As for the paternity of Joseline Hernandez’ baby, Stevie J recently responded to court documents from the Puerto Rican princess that ordered him to submit to a paternity test. Stevie agreed to take the test, but as the Inquisitr previously reported, the LHHATL star says if the baby does turn out to be his, he wants full custody and child support from Joseline.

The war between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez has been raging ever since she admitted to being pregnant during a surprise interview at the Season 5 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion special. Joseline took many shots at Stevie, claiming that he molested his daughter Eva and that she would never let him see his child.

That is the basis for Stevie’s child custody request. He claims that Joseline has been using drugs during her pregnancy, and he also claims that if the child is his, she will go out of her way to keep Stevie from having a relationship with the new child.

The drama between Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J is going to reach all new heights in the coming months as they figure out if Stevie is the father of Joseline’s baby or not. Considering all that will be happening soon, will you be tuning in for Leave It To Stevie or Joseline’s delivery special on VH1?

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