Megyn Kelly Book Tour Begins: ‘Fox News’ Host Talks Donald Trump, Former Boss Roger Ailes

Megyn Kelly’s book tour has begun its rounds, and the Fox News host had some choice words for a couple of people she dealt with in recent months. One of them was President-elect Donald Trump; a man who made her famous almost overnight.

In early 2016, Megyn had taken on the monumental task of questioning Trump on his policies as a presidential hopeful. For her efforts, Trump had discounted her as a “light-weight” reporter and dismissed her attitude with a vague reference to feminine issues. The media took his statements and made him look like a misogynist; a running theme which was made even worse several months later.

When former Today Show host Billy Bush’s conversation leaked to The Washington Post of the Presidential hopeful engaged in “locker room talk,” Trump’s image as a misogynist returned. Despite this, his name-sharing son and his daughters took to social media and claimed the label didn’t fit him at all.

Ever since Megyn’s interview with Donald Trump, her fame grew as a go-to source for speculation about him. TV Newser says that on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos, Megyn promoted her book tour with something to say about the President-elect, at George’s request.

“No question he is thin-skinned and can be mean-spirited and vindictive. But my own experience with him proves that he’s able to let things go if he so chooses. He came after me like a dog with a bone for nine months but finally when I went to see him at Trump Tower and believe me, I was not conciliatory toward him, we got past it.”

It seems Megyn discovered that Trump’s attitude toward her might have been all an act to earn him media coverage. He is a media mogul, after all, and knows how it works.

Trump wasn’t the only one getting in trouble for unwanted sexual advances this year. Former Fox News co-founder Roger Ailes had allegedly done it to Megyn over ten years ago, as she revealed during the interview.

“In my mind I had attributed it to he was interested in me, that he was having a marital difficulty, perhaps he was just interested in having an extramarital affair. It was very on the nose and then it culminated in a physical attempt to be with me which I rejected in his office. He tried to kiss me three times, so I rejected that and when I rejected that he asked me when my contract was up.”

Megyn Kelly told George that she didn’t know if it was a serial issue with him, and it prompted her to call Lachlan Murdoch.

If the kissing issue sounds familiar, it’s because it was part of what nearly cost Trump the election late in the campaign. The leaked audio had him literally saying he just kisses women he finds attractive, and “when you’re a star, they let you do it.”

CNN says fellow Fox News reporter Bill O’Reilly has commented on Megyn Kelly’s book tour appearance on Good Morning America. He stated that if she wants to continue working for the news agency, she needs to stop going after her bosses.

“[If] somebody is paying you a wage, you owe that person or company allegiance. If you don’t like what’s happening in the workplace, go to human resources or leave! I’ve done that. And then take the action you need to take afterward, if you feel aggrieved. There are labor laws in this country. But don’t try to run down the concern that supports you by trying to undermine it. Factor tip of the day: loyalty is good.”

It’s unknown if Megyn Kelly’s book tour promotions could cost her the job at Fox News, but she has stated that she is willing to move on for the sake of her children. We will know tomorrow if she will continue taking down people in charge as she interviews on the Today Show.

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