Andy Cohen Slammed By Michael Dodd For ‘Crap Show’

Andy Cohen is the ultimate reality television guru. He is the face of Bravo, hosting all of the reunion shows and having his own late-night talk show on the network. Cohen has written books about his encounters, most recently, Superficial. There has been a lot of talk about the book and the stories in it because he didn’t sugarcoat his experiences. Many stars many not appreciate what was written, but the fans are eating it up. Since it is a new release, Cohen has been doing the press circuit for it.

Watch What Happens Live is where you can find Andy Cohen most nights. He hosts two guests on the show, and they dish about what is happening in their lives and spill the tea about their co-stars. More often than not, at least one of the guests is from a Bravo show that aired prior to the live show. According to a report from All About the Tea, Andy Cohen was dissed by Michael Dodd for having a “crap show” in reference to Watch What Happens Live. Dodd is the husband of Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Kelly Dodd. Cohen seemed shocked that something like that was said, and he commented on it when asked about it on a radio show. If the show is indeed “crap” like Dodd claims, why would he allow his wife to be a part of it?

Some serious shade is being thrown around, and Andy Cohen isn’t sure why. Kelly Dodd was a mess on her newbie season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she owned that. During the reunion, Cohen did cut off Kelly quite a bit, which could be the reason Michael Dodd is angry. Either way, the Twitter comments were out of the blue and clearly a shock to Cohen. When he read them as the radio host was asking him about them, it was apparent he didn’t know how to respond. After a minute, he was pretty upset and snapped back with his “Andy” attitude. He is a nice guy, but the minute he is disrespected, watch out!

Surrounded by a thick wall of celebrity friends, Andy Cohen isn’t someone who will sit back and not comment on something like what Michael Dodd said. Watch What Happens Live is his baby, and he is going to defend it until the end. Cohen has been rumored to be in the running to join Live with Kelly, but he has expressed that he isn’t interested. He will fill in on occasion, but he has too much on his plate with all of the Bravo things he does. It will be interesting to see how Cohen and Dodd will interact when they cross paths again. In this business, it is not easy to avoid someone you’re feuding with.

The cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County hasn’t been set in stone yet, but after the shade thrown at Andy Cohen, it will be a shock if Kelly Dodd does return. As a newbie in the franchise, dissing someone above you in the company isn’t a way to get ahead. Cohen will likely comment more about the shade at some point on Watch What Happens Live. Michael Dodd has yet to respond to what Cohen said in response to his initial tweet. It looks like this may be a feud that no one knew about, and it was ignited with the reunion show that finished airing earlier this month. Andy Cohen is not going to let what was said spoil his mood as he is already raking in the dough with his book and his “crap show.”

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