Marissa Hermer Pregnancy: How Her Baby Girl Is Doing These Days After Scary Delivery

Marissa Hermer has returned for another season of Ladies of London, which premiered last night on Bravo. While most of the ladies got together to talk about issues from last year, Marissa was dealing with some serious issues. She remembered back to last year, where she launched her own restaurant in London. But then she got pregnant. And while she and her husband, Matt Hermer, were excited about having a baby girl, the doctor told them that they had a serious complication. Marissa learned that she had a serious pregnancy complication that could be life-threatening.

According to a new Bravo report, Marissa Hermer is now revealing that she was scared and concerned for both her life and her daughter’s life. Marissa was asked to give birth two months early, which was scary and dangerous for both of them. While fans will get an update on Marissa Hermer’s baby girl on next week’s episode of Ladies of London, she’s now revealing that her daughter is doing well considering the circumstances.

Marissa and Matt named their daughter Sadie Ilamae Hermer, and she joined the world on April 21, 2016. Sadie joins her two brothers, Max and Jake. And while Hermer had given birth before, this pregnancy was very different, and she was very thankful that her husband was there with her throughout the entire pregnancy. As she explained on Ladies of London, Marissa Hermer was placed on bedrest throughout most of the pregnancy, which made it hard on her to help out at home and run her business.

“It’s so surreal anyway but having video cameras didn’t make it any scarier than it already was. It’s as scary as it gets,” Marissa Hermer explains about the pregnancy, according to Bravo, sharing that she struggled to make sense of her placenta accreta. “I feel like because we were filming it, I thought it was going to be OK because they were filming it to put on TV, so it has to be OK because it’s a TV show.”

When a woman is diagnosed with placenta accreta, the placenta is blocking the cervix, which means that she can’t give birth vaginally. And this is a problem because the placenta is the lifeline to the baby. But in severe cases, such as in Marissa Hermer’s case, the placenta grows attached to the uterus lining and it can only be removed through a hysterectomy. Hermer’s husband knew exactly what was going on, and he was there along the way.

“In the hospital, it was exactly what I needed. He’s great. I don’t know what else to say. But he’s been incredibly supportive, incredibly nurturing, very protective, and he definitely knows me better than I know myself,” Marissa Hermer explains about her husband’s role throughout this traumatic experience, adding to Bravo about her daughter, “She’s wonderful. She’s absolutely thriving. She was two months premature, which I think you hear in the first episode. It was a very hard decision to make, but basically she had to be delivered that early in order to save my life, essentially.”

Marissa also added that her daughter is now gaining weight, explaining, “Now she’s in the 99th percentile of babies’ weight. She’s caught up and then some. She’s wonderful. She’s just a delight. She’s squealing and giggling, and the boys absolutely adore her. She’s doing very well.”

What do you think of Marissa Hermer’s pregnancy experience? Are you surprised that she was on bedrest for the entire pregnancy and that she was dealing with this life-threatening issue throughout the year last year? And what did you think about the premiere episode of Ladies of London last night?

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