Bradley Cooper In Talks To Join Cameron Crowe/Emma Stone Project

Cameron Crowe is eyeballing Hangover star Bradley Cooper for the male lead in his as-yet untitled Emma Stone collaboration.

Not much is currently known about Crowe’s new project, other than it is to be a romantic comedy starring Emma Stone. So far, so good. The film is said to follow “a tone reminiscent of past Crowe films Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire,” meaning, according to the A.V. Club, that the male protagonist “finds his life upended and slightly uncertain about what direction he should take, until he discovers the strength to reinvent himself by unexpectedly falling for an unconventional woman. Classic-rock songs may also play in the background.”

In all seriousness, almost everyone loves Cameron Crowe. But he’s almost too good at only telling two kinds of story: Teenage coming-of-age dramas, and mid-life crisis coming-of-age dramas. A.V.‘s speculation probably isn’t that far off.

In any case, Deadline originally reported the Bradley Cooper sign-on, indicating that while there isn’t a deal yet, one is in the works and all parties are interested.

Also, /Film reports that the film could actually be called Deep Tiki, which was the name of the project when it was announced four years ago. This is the synopsis from the original announcement:

“A 37-year-old disgraced US weapons consultant named Brian Gilcrest is disliked by most everyone. His only friend is a techie named Jeremy ‘a super-smart and highly aware computer.’ As a response to aggression from China, Gilcrest is deployed to a dormant military base in Hawaii to supervise the launch of an advanced spy satellite. Together with the anal and humorless Major Lisa Ng, he must secure the blessings of the native Hawaiian council before the launch. Gilcrest also gets a chance to meet with Tracy, the one love of his life who got away, along with her husband and two kids. On the island he discovers himself.”

Sounds like typical Cameron Crowe fare, though with a military backdrop. If the project is indeed unaltered from its original pitch, then Bradley Cooper would likely take up the Brian Gilcrest role with Emma Stone filling in as Tracy. At least that’s our best guess.

However, the age difference between Cooper and Stone would need to be addressed somehow, as we don’t picture the 23-year-old actress playing “the one that got away” to 37-year-old Bradley Cooper.

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