Tom Cruise To Ditch Scientology For Suri And Annabelle Wallis?

Ever since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got divorced in 2012, the Hollywood superstar spent less time with their daughter Suri Cruise. There were even reports that the 54-year-old actor hasn’t seen his 10-year-old little girl for three years because of Scientology.

According to Us Weekly, the 37-year-old actress wanted their child to go to a normal school and be surrounded by regular kids instead of getting taught by the organization. Ever since she decided not to become part of the religion, she and her daughter were excommunicated from the actor’s life.

The Mission Impossible star still sees his two other children Connor and Isabella whom he shares with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. Probably because both are members of the Church of Scientology unlike Suri who has been protected by her mother against the religion. Just when the actor appears like he doesn’t care about his daughter from Katie, he secretly had a reunion with her.

“He didn’t want word to get out, so everything was treated very discreetly,” an insider revealed.

According to Us Weekly, Tom Cruise met up with Suri overseas back in July for his 54th birthday. He was working in England back then but managed to spend time with his little girl who was accompanied by her nanny on a five-day trip to Bourton-on-the-Water and London.

“Suri is a special part of Tom’s life, even if he’s not constantly involved in hers,” their source claimed.

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Apart from secretly meeting up with his non-Scientology daughter, the Golden Globe Award winner is also pursuing his co-star Annabelle Wallis. According to Hollywood Life, the two got closer while filming The Mummy reboot last summer and since then has formed a real connection.

“Everyone on set could see that Tom was dazzled by Annabelle,” an insider told OK! magazine. “Their chemistry was incredible. There’s a lot of romantic comedy in the film, and they really sizzle together.”

The romance between Cruise and Wallis reportedly began when the blonde beauty asked him to dinner. Since then, he started posting notes and leaving flowers in her trailer almost every day. The movie wrapped up filming back in August but they continue to get in touch with each other.

“They’ve been burning up the phone lines,” the source revealed. “Tom doesn’t want to lose the connection they have.”

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The screen heartthrob is reportedly in love with the 32-year-old English actress, but he plans on keeping a low-key relationship with her unlike when he started dating Katie Holmes years ago. Maybe he also wanted to protect her from the Church of Scientology. There have been reports that the organization has a great influence on the actor’s relationships and they even orchestrated his divorce from his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

According to the Daily Beast, the documentary Going Clear exposed the truth on the actor’s breakup from the 49-year-old Aussie-American actress. It claimed that David Miscagive assigned Marty Rathbun, who used to be the second-highest ranking official of Scientology to break up Cruise’s marriage from Kidman which included wire-tapping her phone and turning their adopted children Isabella and Connor against their own mother.

Now that Tom Cruise has been doing things that are against Scientology like seeing his daughter Suri and pursuing Annabelle Wallis who is not a member of the organization, does this mean that he is ready to ditch the Church? Inquisitr previously reported that the A-lister is considering giving up his religion for love.

“Annabelle really likes Tom, and she can see herself falling for him big-time. But not while he’s a Scientologist. She has no interest in converting,” an insider said. “She’s inspired him to rethink his extreme religious beliefs, and now he’s considering leaving the church.”

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