Ben Robinson Takes Big Step With Emily Warburton-Adams, Denies Still Having Feelings For Kate Chastain

The latest Below Deck Season 4 episode showed Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams continuing their flirtation with one another. In previous episodes, viewers saw them go out together and kiss. Did they actually continue dating once filming ended? Viewers who follow Ben and Emily on social media already know that the answer is yes. For the past few weeks, Ben and Emily have made it clear via their social media accounts that they’re not just dating but are currently in a committed relationship with one another. As they have done for the past few episodes, both Ben and Emily did a Facebook Live video together as the latest episode aired on Tuesday night, where they answered viewers’ questions and talked about the latest episode.

The latest video shows Ben and Emily together in Cape Cod, where Ben’s parents live. The video shows them behaving very much like a couple in love. While they didn’t say much about the latest episode, Emily did say that viewers will see her and Sierra get into some trouble with Kate Chastain.

Ben and Emily actually spent Thanksgiving together at his parent’s home. On last week’s Facebook live video, days prior to Thanksgiving, Ben said that Emily was nervous to meet his parents.

On Twitter on Tuesday night, in response to a tweet asking him if he and Emily are an item now, Ben confirmed that they are.

After the latest episode aired, both Ben and Emily called into AfterBuzz TV, where they talked about their relationship. Ben confirmed that he and Emily are currently very happy together.

“I think she’s absolutely adorable and we’re really happy together.”

Ben said that it has been amazing to find a woman who completely gets him and that she, in reference to their common backgrounds, brings him back home. He even called Emily “the yin to his yang.”

In regard to their future plans, Ben said that hopefully Emily will stay with him in Florida, nothing that they both love living in America and specifically Florida. Ben also said that they want to go into business together, working together in the healthy living industries and catering business.

When the hosts asked Ben and Emily about the possibility of doing a spin-off show, Ben pointed out that the decision is not his to make but that he would love for him and Emily to star in their own spin-off.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, it was actually Kate Chastain who first publicly said that Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams were dating. Kate’s revelation, made during her and Captain Lee Rosbach’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live several weeks ago, seemed to give Ben and Emily the okay to go public with their relationship, as they then finally confirmed their relationship, after they had previously first denied that they were dating and then said that they couldn’t say.

Kate and Ben actually have a past together. On Season 3, they admitted that they “hooked up” with one another after filming the second season. Yet both acknowledged that a romantic relationship couldn’t work because they were too similar. At the beginning of the current season, after Kate revealed that she was dating a woman and before Ben became interested in Emily, Ben expressed skepticism that Kate could really be sexually attracted to a woman.

As the season has progressed, and along with it increased tensions and arguments between Kate and Ben, some viewers have shared their opinion on blogs and social media that the bickering is really due to Kate’s jealousy of Ben’s budding relationship with Emily. On the flip side, others have accused Ben of lashing out at Kate because he’s jealous that she’s in a relationship.

Last week, Kate sarcastically tweeted that she was jealous that no one else on the crew was doing their jobs.

The latest Below Deck episode showed Kate making it clear that she didn’t think her stewardesses were properly doing their jobs. Kate expressed frustration that Emily Warburton-Adams and Sierra Storm didn’t stock toilet paper in the cabins and didn’t have their radios with them. Other crew members actually started criticizing Kate, finding fault in her treatment of Emily and Sierra. The deck crew, as well as Ben, talked badly about Kate behind her back.

A viewer tweeted her opinion that Ben is actually jealous of Kate because he still has feelings for her.

In response to the tweet, Ben asked if anyone ever even saw him and Kate holding hands.

One person who has not been afraid to give his opinion on Ben and Emily’s relationship is Captain Lee Rosbach. In his blog post recapping the latest episode, Captain Lee made it clear that he thought that Ben and Emily let their relationship distract them from their duties.

“Ben…I really wish you would let ‘Ems’ get on with her work and stop being a distraction to her. I’m sure she could have gone without that back rub in the corner of the galley when she was being paged on the radio. Oh, I forgot, you don’t use a radio, and she didn’t have hers either. I feel if you would concentrate more on the galley and less on ‘Ems’ we might all be better served….Emily, I think that most of the issues you had on this charter could be traced back to you being distracted by Ben.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ben lashed out at Captain Lee earlier in the month for “degrading” his relationship with Emily. Kate immediately came to Captain Lee’s defense.

Last week, Ben seemingly lashed out at Kate as well.

On Tuesday night, both Emily and Ben re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that Captain Lee and Kate have been too negative.

Will viewers see Ben Robinson, with Emily Warburton-Adams by his side, go at it with Captain Lee Rosbach and Kate Chastain on the Below Deck Season 4 reunion show? Apparently not. On Tuesday night, Kate tweeted that she doesn’t think the cast will be doing a reunion show this year.

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