Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Denim Line Receives Surprising Mixed Reviews

Since Khloe Kardashian launched her Good American denim line in October, several reviews of her jeans have become available. And let’s just say, not everyone is in love with the 32-year-old Kardashian’s latest project.

Some of the styles have since sold out following the October 18 launch, which goes to show how excited women are to finally have a denim line catering to all body types. However, as the reviews become available, not all women are finding the jeans live up to the hype.

Khloe Kardashian speaks at the Good American launch [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Three ladies over at the Revelist tried on a few pairs of Khloe’s Good American jeans and had mixed feelings about the denim. They ordered different sizes from Kardashian’s 0 to 24-sized line and called the fitting “a bumpy ride.”

“All told, I ordered $1,868 worth of Good American denim. Since the sizes run the gamut, I asked a few friends to help me with a straight- and plus-size review. It was a bumpy ride.”

Since Khloe advertises her new jean line with an emphasis on the fact it’s for every shape and size, some of the women were surprised to find the denim not that flattering. While they said the jeans were comfy and stretchy, they fit awkwardly and seemed to be “designed for a straight-size body and sized up for a plus-size body.”

One of the other women said she would need to order a size 0 instead of her normal size 2 because of what she calls “vanity sizing.”

“The sizing is also weird. They fit me through the thigh, but the waist is absolutely massive.”

It’s true that women sometimes need to buy different sizes depending on the brand of jeans, but inconsistent sizes can make ordering a pair of Good American denim a bit difficult, as the line is only sold in select Nordstrom stores.

Besides the issues with sizing, the women were a bit taken aback by the pricing — Khloe’s jeans range from $149 to $215 a pair — and how “cheap” the material seemed to be.

“That said, the holes in the front look like a cheap DIY.”

The ladies even went as far as to compare the quality of Kardashian’s Good American denim to that of Forever 21.

“To me, these are basically jeggings. TBH, the quality is no better than Forever 21.”

They expressed concern over how well the jeans would survive the washer and dryer since the material is so thin, however, not everyone had negative experiences with the Good American brand.

A group of women over at People magazine also got in on the Kardashian jean hype. According to their reviews, they were ready to join Khloe’s “Good Squad” after trying on a few styles from her denim line. Brittany, a “denim tester” working with People, tried on a pair of “Good Legs” and only had great things to say about Khloe’s brand. Unlike the women at Revelist, Brittany loved the material.

“I love the high-waisted cut and the material is so comfortable they actually feel like jeggings, without looking like jeggings.”

While Brittany had no complaints, one of her cohorts, Sharon, did echo Revelist‘s thoughts on the awkward sizing.

“However, even as comfortable as they were, they didn’t fit exactly right on short gals like myself.”

Sharon said not only was the smallest size too long for her petite figure, but the waist was also too big. This could be a reference to the “vanity sizing” that Kardashian is being accused of with her Good American line.

The People reviews continue to be more of the same as the women talk about how the distressed style of Kardashian’s seems to make them look inexpensive despite the hefty price tag. However, the women at People loved how comfortable the stretchy material felt and how the high-waisted style tucked in their tummies. One reviewer said she was in love with Kardashian’s denim line as soon as she tried on a pair, as it’s hard for her to find the perfect jeans for her height.

“These pants truly are all my denim dreams come to life.”

It’s mixed reviews from two groups of women that featured different sizes and body shapes, but there are a few things they all had in common. Perhaps Khloe will see these reviews and make a few changes to her Good American line to ensure its continued success.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

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