Matt LeBlanc Recalls Embarrassing Moment Onstage At Taylor Swift Show, And Why He’d Choose Phoebe Over Rachel Or Monica

Matt LeBlanc goes to see Taylor Swift perform every once in a while, according to NME, but not because he’s a huge fan of the “Bad Blood” singer, but because his daughter is.

When Matt LeBlanc appeared on Conan, he opened up about an embarrassing moment he shared with comedian Chris Rock at a recent Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles. First of all, it was LeBlanc’s daughter who dragged the Friends star to the LA gig.

And it seems like Swift was enthusiastic about both Rock and Matt LeBlanc attending her show, so she invited them onstage to walk down the catwalk. The “Shake It Off” singer came up with the idea backstage, where she met with LeBlanc and his daughter and Rock and his two daughters.

But nobody really expected the two would strut down the stage so awkwardly. Matt LeBlanc recalled that he and Rock had no idea they would make an appearance at the Staples Center that night. In fact, Rock hadn’t even shaved that night!

“I had no idea it was coming, and Chris hadn’t shaved – we’re not really ready to go on stage at the Staples Center! But we were like, ‘Whatever you need, Taylor!'”

Matt LeBlanc then showed Conan a short clip, in which he and the comedian are seen strutting down the catwalk, smiling and awkwardly waving at the crowd. The next morning, when the Friends star asked his daughter if she liked his onstage cameo, she said it was too “cheesy.”

Watch it all play out here.

Even if Swift wanted Matt LeBlanc’s skills of walking down the stage at her concerts, she wouldn’t be able to hire him as her onstage partner for future shows as the actor is busy filming for Man with a Plan, which has recently landed a full season on CBS, according to Digital Spy.

Even though the new CBS series hasn’t been received that well, Matt LeBlanc will do his best to impress viewers in new episodes of the show. CBS ordered six more episodes of the series, which is centered around a father, Adam Burns (played by LeBlanc), who has to embrace all the struggles of fatherhood as his wife returns to work after 13 years.

And while CBS is happy with Matt LeBlanc’s casting, it appears that Jenna Fischer, who could have played the show’s female lead, left the role after the pilot, because of “chemistry” issues. CBS president Glenn Geller explained that Fischer wasn’t the right actress for the project.

“We think we can do better in terms of the chemistry between the two of them.”

Even though Matt LeBlanc has had lots of projects since his iconic role on Friends, which ended its run more than a decade ago, the actor is still being asked Friends-related questions from time to time, according to News Australia.

During his interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show, Matt LeBlanc was asked by fellow guest Lady Gaga if he would rather pick Monica (Courteney Cox) or Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). It’s a huge question actually because his character was once in love with Rachel, but he also could hook up with Monica.

But Matt LeBlanc reveals that he wouldn’t go for either of them and says he has a thing for Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) because she’s “very bendy.”

“Ahh… I’d have to say… I’d have me some Phoebe. She’s very bendy.”

There’s no telling if Matt LeBlanc actually has a thing not for Phoebe, but for Kudrow, who played the character on Friends. But no wonder why LeBlanc has never actually hooked up with Kudrow — the actress has been married to a French advertising exec husband for 21 years!

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