‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Break-Up: One Couple’s Engagement Ends As Another Hints At Picking A Wedding Date [Updated]

Three couples got engaged during the Season 3 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, and now one of them has called it quits. Grant Kemp and Lace Morris had been living together in San Francisco, California, but now they have revealed that their engagement is over. What happened to “Grace” and what’s the latest on the other two pairs from last summer, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass and Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton?

Lace Morris and Grant Kemp had some difficult moments as a couple last summer during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, but they left Mexico engaged, and she quickly moved from Denver, Colorado, to San Francisco to be with him. The two seemed quite happy for several months and even had a fun and wild engagement party a while back in Colorado.

However, some Bachelor in Paradise fans started to wonder if things had changed as the two spent Thanksgiving apart and didn’t reference one another. While it would have been understandable if they spent their first Thanksgiving apart to be with their respective families, some felt that this was different. Sure enough, Entertainment Tonight has shared that Lace and Grant have broken up.

Both Morris and Kemp talked with the site and said that she moved out of their San Francisco home and has moved back to Denver, and this happened just within the last few days. She says that the split was mutual and that they both have issues they need to address individually. She adds that they have a lot of love for one another, and plenty of chemistry, but it’s not possible to stay together at this point.

For his part, Kemp says that the couple had issues that they’d been working on, and thought would get better, but instead, things went the opposite way. When asked about the possibility of reconciliation, Grant says that he thinks that the odds are against them, but he knows who she really is and that’s the woman he wanted to marry. Morris says that she prays that there is a future for them as a couple, and she sees the possibility, but she doesn’t know when.

Of the three engaged couples that emerged from this last round of Bachelor in Paradise, Lace and Grant perhaps had the most to overcome. Gossip guru Reality Steve has spoiled plenty about Kemp’s past relationship issues and Morris certainly showed during her run during Ben Higgins’ journey to find love that she has some things to work on as well. People were rooting for these two to make it, and they certainly seemed to be happy for a while, but it looks like it wasn’t meant to be.

Morris has talked with TMZ and she said that despite the split, she plans to keep the “Grace” tattoo she got with Kemp while filming. She says that it represents the good times she had with Grant and while doing the show and she had always planned to get a tattoo representing her Bachelor in Paradise time anyway. In addition, she adds that she plans to keep the engagement ring she got. However, she seemingly doesn’t realize that production surely will be requiring her to send that back to them sooner rather than later, at least that has always been the case in previous splits per the show’s contract.

As for Grant, he is seemingly keeping the tattoo he got with Lace for now, but he may remove it later. Bachelor in Paradise fans may remember from Reality Steve’s spoilers that he already has at least one other tattoo that is connected to a former relationship that he hasn’t removed, so it would make sense that he’s not in a rush to make any changes on this front.

Two other pairs got engaged in that Bachelor in Paradise finale, and so far, both remain together. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass got off to a slow start this past summer, but they have been virtually inseparable since the finale, and they are living together in Nashville, Tennessee. Waddell recently teased via an Instagram post that they are setting a wedding date and excited about life together, but neither she or Bass have revealed anything more specific regarding wedding plans as of yet.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are still engaged as well, but they have not detailed anything about wedding plans yet. Murray left Georgia to move in with Stanton and her two daughters in California, and while they had initially said they would be moving to Atlanta after the show, it looks like they’re staying put in California for now. Amanda joined Josh and his family back East for Thanksgiving, and the two share social media posts frequently showing their life with her daughters.

Fans are disappointed to hear that Lace Morris and Grant Kemp have split, but they are still holding out hope for a wedding or two in the months ahead from the other Season 3 pairs. Will either Carly Waddell and Evan Bass or Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton thrill Bachelor in Paradise fans by tying the knot sometime soon? People are definitely rooting for both duos and for now, everybody will have to stay tuned to see what comes next.

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