Youtuber To Remove Video Claiming Barron Trump Has Autism ‘I Never Meant This As Bullying Video’

Though Melania Trump is claiming victory over the YouTuber, now known by his name, James Hunter, who posted a video suggesting her son, Barron Trump, had autism, Hunter says he never meant any harm, and shared the video because he wanted to stop any bullying or negative talk about the First Son. But First Lady-to-be Melania Trump was threatening legal action if the video was not removed ASAP. The video suggesting Barron Trump was autistic grew legs when Rosie O’Donnell began using it, seemingly as a weapon to further her battle with President-elect Donald Trump.

Though Rosie O’Donnell also claimed she was trying to help Barron Trump and the autism community by pushing talk of an autistic child in the White House, fans were not buying it, and called he out on social media, says the Inquisitr. Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump had shared nasty barbs over the years, but since Trump was elected, Rosie seems to have accelerated her jabs, bringing in Barron and even Donald Trump’s dead brother Freddy into the mix, and even her fans seem to be raising a critical eyebrow, telling her she went too far.

TMZ seems to have been in the eye of the storm, spreading the word that soon-to-be FLOTUS was very upset about the video on Youtube that suggested her only son, Barron, was autistic. But Melania Trump wants the world to know she was not saying there was any shame in being autistic, but rather that Barron does not have autism.


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But James Hunter wants the world to know that he meant no harm, as he is autistic himself, and was diagnosed at age five. His intention was actually to save Barron from bullying, not to perpetuate it.

TMZ just contacted me to tell me Melania Trump is threatening a lawsuit over this video… I never ever meant this as a bullying video.”

Those who viewed the video, and have now heard about James Hunter’s background believe he had no ill will, but Rosie O’Donnell has not retracted any of her statements that indicated that she believes that Barron Trump is autistic. The bottom line is this: Barron Trump is not autistic, and James Hunter is in the process of issuing an apology, and removing the video to the best of his ability from the internet.

Mothers everywhere, and particularly mothers of children with special needs and learning disabilities, understand why Melania Trump went full-on mama bear to shut down gossip about her 10-year old son Barron. Us Weekly says that Melania Trump planned a lawsuit if necessary to make the false talk stop. The Trump lawyer, Charles J. Harder, says that Melania perceived the video as a form of bullying, and they released a statement.

“This law firm represents First Lady–elect Melania Trump and her 10-year-old son, Barron Trump. A video was posted at YouTube recently speculating that Barron might be autistic. He is not.”

Harder continues, saying that children should be off limits.

“The video includes the hashtag ‘StopTheBullying’ but yet the video itself is bullying by making false statements and speculation about a 10-year-old boy for the purpose of harassing him and his parents. The online bullying of children, including Barron Trump, should end now.”

Rosie O’Donnell’s use of the video to her fans (because O’Donnell shared the video on her social media accounts, with the quote, “Barron, autistic?,” it got far more play than had it been just a video by a random Youtuber) is also being criticized by Melania, but she is not going after Rosie at this time in a legal forum.

Melania Trump is waiting for a formal apology and the removal of the video by James Hunter.

Do you understand Melania’s use of a lawyer to end talk of her son Barron in relation to an autism diagnosis?

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