‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Runs Julian Down, Will He Turn Her In Or Use This To His Advantage?

Alexis seems to have hit rock bottom on General Hospital this week, but it could get even worse for her. Her drinking has been out of control for weeks now, and her recent incident might just land her in prison. She was involved in the hit-and-run accident of her estranged husband, Julian Jerome, and she could be in a heap of trouble if the truth should come out. Will he let on to the police that she was the one who ran him down?

It has been a long year for fans of this couple who are not happy with the way things have turned out between them. Julexis has been a favorite pairing on General Hospital, but the soap has totally screwed them up. After Julian tried to kill Alexis, that was the nail in the coffin for them. As the spoilers coming from Soaps She Knows states, Alexis has definitely spiraled out of control, and now she will be faced with what she has done.

She will apparently be facing the consequences of her actions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she gets arrested for running over Julian. It is doubtful that she will go to jail. Of course, Alexis could just turn herself in because Julian will most likely cover this all up for her. He will probably just use this as yet another way to manipulate his wife, but she might not go for it and will face whatever she has to. This means that she will not be reinstated as a lawyer anytime soon, and she will have to face her family’s disappointment as well.

Her girls will stand by her if she seeks out treatment. Even Jax tried to urge Alexis to get help after she confessed to him that she left Julian in the middle of the street after the accident. Of course, at the end of Monday’s episode of General Hospital, she was still drinking after he left her house. However, she is expected to face the consequences by the end of the week.

You know that Julian will milk this for all it’s worth right now. He wants Alexis back in his life, and even though that is exactly what fans of this couple want as well, he will have to turn himself around before she even attempts to take him back. But then again, she could just be desperate enough to rethink that. Will she give into him in order to save herself from going to jail?

According to TV Source Magazine, Julian will be making his wife some type of offer next week. Could it be that he tries to sway her to give him another chance in exchange for him not outing her as the one who hit him with her car and leaving him there?

General Hospital viewers are hoping that Julexis will get back together, but it would be appalling to have Alexis make the decision to get back with her husband who tried to kill her and is still involved in the mob. It is obvious that she still has feelings for him, which is why she can’t seem to get a grip anymore. Between what happened with Julian and then losing her job, she can’t seem to handle things, and she has turned to the bottle instead.

While Julexis fans are hoping that the writers at General Hospital will somehow fix this couple, it could very well be too late for that. However, they could have something up their sleeves with this unexpected incident that just happened. Could this hit-and-run be just the thing to get Julian and Alexis back together again?

Are you hoping for a miracle to happen with this couple or are you totally over Julexis and think they should both just move on?

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