Beyonce Launches New Ugly Christmas Sweater For The Holiday Season

Beyonce has unveiled her latest ugly Christmas sweaters on her website. The artist revealed red and green sweaters with the words “I sleigh all day” written on them.

Beyonce’s new ugly Christmas sweaters are her gift to her fans this holiday, and they will be priced at $60. The festive season has always been associated with ugly sweaters, thus the term, but it does not necessarily mean that the new sweaters are ugly in the real sense. Just like her music, they are artistic works of arts that the artist wants to sell. The sweaters are part of Christmas holiday merchandise that she is selling this year.

Other than the ugly Christmas sweaters, the artist is also selling merchandise for her Lemonade album. The album merchandise includes T-shirts with various art designs, including a giant red stocking filled with lemons with the words, “I came to sleigh,” written on them. The merchandise will be wrapped with paper featuring Lemonade art. The art includes actual cartoon lemons, the giant red stocking, a cartoon Beyonce wearing a black hat, and another cartoon Beyonce swinging a baseball bat.

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The merchandise is a smart move by Beyonce because she will cash in on the holiday spending. It is a great way of exploiting her entrepreneur side, and she is not the only artist looking to profit from her merchandise this holiday season. Britney Spears has also launched her own ugly Christmas sweater with the words “It’s Christmas B***h” printed on the front. She is following in Beyonce’s steps by merchandising her popular saying, “Gimme more.”

The merchandised content has also been strategically released just before Cyber Monday to take advantage of the holiday spending. Reece Witherspoon also launched Christmas themed pajamas from her Draper James brand. The Kardashians were also not left behind. Rob Kardashian launched Christmas socks for both men and women through his Arthur George line.

“So cute!! Love these brand new @arthurgeorge87 by @robkardashian Christmas socks!!” captioned Kris Jenner on an Instagram post.

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Hip-hop artist Nas has also launched his own line of festive wear. Beyonce’s Lemonade merchandise also includes a few other additions such as sweatpants and shorts. The T-shirts are available in white while the shorts and sweatpants are available in red. The merchandise will allow her to reap more earnings courtesy of the Lemonade album, which is her latest.

In 2015, Beyonce also unveiled a series of ugly sweaters for the holiday season courtesy of her album 7/11. Merchandising has become an interesting side hustle for big name artists like Queen Bey. She has been exploiting this nifty method for quite some time, and it is clearly working out well for her. The fact that other artists and celebrities are also getting on board with merchandising is also an indicator that there is big money to be made, especially during the holiday season.

The Lemonade merchandise will be a great opportunity for Beyonce’s fans to spoil themselves with some amazing stuff from the singer. Fortunately, the ugly sweaters are not ugly at all despite their name. They are regular hoodies, and that will most likely make them more appealing to shoppers. Unfortunately, there are no shoes to match the merchandise. Shoppers can purchase the sweatpants or shorts to match the sweaters. The shorts and t-shirts will most likely appeal to those living in regions that do not experience extremely cold temperatures during the winter season.

The entire collection of the merchandise from Beyonce is available at her website where shoppers can select and order their desired product. Hopefully, the ugly sweaters will be available in plenty for all the Christmas shoppers that will be interested in making a purchase.

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