NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Next Destination For Archie Goodwin?

Early season struggles have not deterred the Washington Wizards just yet. Even though the Wizards currently have a 6-10 record, it is too soon for them to throw in the towel. With guards John Wall and Bradley Beal in the fold, along with center Marcin Gortat, the Wizards’ cupboard is far from bare.

Instead of sitting on their hands, the Washington Wizards may be on the lookout for some reinforcements. If that is the case, according to one of the NBA rumors going around, Archie Goodwin is warranting a long look by the Wizards.

CSN New England is reporting that the Washington Wizards are having internal discussions regarding the possibility of signing Goodwin. Bringing in Archie Goodwin would bolster the Wizards’ defense, which is one of the team’s failings so far this season.

The Wizards are giving up points at an alarming rate. Headed into their game against the Sacramento Kings, the Wizards were the Eastern Conference’s fourth worst team in points allowed. The average of 105.1 points that opponents have scored against the Wizards will be lowered after they held the Kings to 95 points. Adding Goodwin, defensive-minded guard would help.

As a former shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns, Goodwin was a solid perimeter defender. His length and quickness kept him in front of his defensive assignments. Goodwin is also a good pick-and-roll defender, which is another area where the Wizards can improve.

Goodwin was released by the Suns at the end of NBA training camp. He had a brief stint with the New Orleans Pelicans this season before getting waived (courtesy of NBA). He has agreed to play for an NBDL team until another NBA team, possibly the Washington Wizards takes a flyer on him.

While Goodwin could help the Wizards, his signing is not imminent. The CSN New England report would suggest as much. The internal improvements made on the defensive end may by the Wizards some time for the younger players to fully get adjusted.

“The defensive effort has gotten better and with Ian Mahinmi back to help bolster the second unit, team president Ernie Grunfeld doesn’t seem likely to make a decision this early. Giving up on rookies such as Danuel House, Sheldon McClellan and Daniel Ochefu, all three on non-guarantees that are a minimal hit on the salary cap, to clear a roster spot wouldn’t make sense at this stage either.”

Shaking the Wizards out of the early season funk may not be a terrible idea if handled with care. It depends on what the Wizards want to accomplish. That means a roster change could be in order if making the NBA playoffs is part of their plans.

How long can the Wizards go with their trio of rookies?

A good thing for Washington is that no one from the Eastern Conference has completely run away from the pack. It is also early into the season. The bad news for the Wizards is they are a lot closer to being the worst team than they are at being the eighth-best team, according to the standings. Bringing in Archie Goodwin to test the waters would not be considered a step backward.

More fuel to the fire regarding the NBA rumors about the Washington Wizards having an interest in the former Suns’ guard could have come from a CSN Mid-Atlantic report. CSN Mid-Atlantic is citing that a few ex-Kentucky Wildcats teammates from 2010 are interested in a reunion on a current NBA team. The names included the DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings, current Suns’ guard Eric Bledsoe, and the Wizards’ John Wall.

DeMarcus Cousins put a perspective on what the former Wildcats have discussed.

“Do we ever talk about playing with one another? … It’s came up. He [John Wall] wants me here. Eric [Bledsoe] wants us in Phoenix.”

“They’re all going to come to Sacramento. Come to Sac. Play with John and Eric again? You never know what will happen. It’s the NBA, so hopefully one day he’ll be in a Sacramento uniform.”

Archie Goodwin was also a member of that Kentucky Wildcats’ team. The Wizards could be looking at adding Goodwin as a favor to Wall, or to find a way to facilitate what the former teammates want to create.

A few maneuvers must be made for a full 2010 Kentucky Wildcats’ reunion to take place, although it is not out of the question. The Washington Wizards are in the best position to recreate some of the magic of what that Wildcats’ team had. Archie Goodwin could be the first domino.

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