Kyle Dixon Of ‘Below Deck’ Shares If He Is Still With Ashley

Kyle Dixon just recently revealed that he has a transgender girlfriend named Ashley, but now the Below Deck star is giving an update on his relationship and things don’t sound good. Radar Online got the chance to talk to Kyle Dixon and find out how things are going for them now. It took Kyle a bit to introduce the fans to his girlfriend, and now things are already over between them.

Kyle Dixon was recently seen telling Ashley that he would take care of her after she had her big upcoming surgery for gender reassignment. Now it turns out that Kyle and Ashley are over. He shared saying, “We’re still on good terms of course. I promised her I’d stick by her.” Kyle Dixon went on to say, “She’s signed off [on surgery], so I’m still gonna stick by her. She’s still waiting on the surgery and has no clue when it is.” It sounds like Kyle will be doing the right thing and be by her side through it all. Obviously, things didn’t work out between them, but they are still on good terms.

It doesn’t sound like the viewers will be meeting Kyle Dixon’s new love interest anytime soon, though. He said that he is dating a bit, but nobody worth talking about right now. Kyle may think twice about introducing someone else on the show anytime soon. Since Below Deck was filmed a while back, Ashley could end up being around for a few more episodes this season.

Radar Online shared not long ago what the Below Deck cast thinks of Ashley. Sierra Storm wasn’t a big fan of the relationship, though. She said, “I feel for Ashley being in a relationship with someone like Kyle. I feel like it’s very sketchy. That’s not what I want for my life.” On this episode, Ashley wasn’t very happy with Dixon either. She said, “You look ridiculous. I’m gonna have to fake tan you so you’re evened out. You’re not even helping yourself. It’s not difficult.” Kyle did admit that he was glad to see her and had really missed her. Sadly though, the relationship didn’t end up working out between them.

People recently shared that Kate Chastain is talking about how she helped Kyle Dixon to open up about his relationship with Ashley. The fact that Kate was so open about her relationship with now-ex-girlfriend Rocio Hernandez helped Kyle to come out as bisexual and reveal his recent relationship. Kate shared her thoughts about this situation.

“I’m so glad that something good could come out of that past relationship of mine. I’m glad that something good could come out of that process.”

At the time, Kate said she had met Kyle Dixon’s girlfriend, but she wasn’t sharing if she would be on the show or not. Obviously, Kyle ended up bringing Ashley on the show. He isn’t saying how long ago they filmed this, but the two didn’t last long enough for it to even air. Fans were hoping to get an update from Kate about her court battle with her ex-girlfriend, but she can’t share. Kate simply said, “I’m legally advised not to [speak about it] — but I’m really looking forward to the day that I can. We’re taking it to trial [in 2017] because we’re very certain in my side.” It is going to be interesting to see how her trial turns out in the end.

Are you shocked to hear that Kyle Dixon of Below Deck already broke up with his transgender girlfriend, Ashley? Do you think they will end up back together? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Kyle Dixon on new episodes of Below Deck on Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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